Osama bin Laden has been killed in a mansion within a multi-building complex in Pakistan near Islamabad by American Navy Seals.





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Yep, hiding in the nation of a supposed ally while we are still in nations uninvolved in any violence against us.  And they apparently buried him at sea, meaning crazy right wingers will say it is a fraud.

That's why they took a bunch of pictures and videos and got his DNA.  Of course, that will mean little to the conspiracy loons.

Osama's alive and well in Argentina - send money, arms and a kidney dialysis unit..

WooHoo!! Cheers to the Seals who got him. If they were here I'd buy them a drink, or three. :)
good riddence to bad rubbish.
they should track down the whole family.

And there's already a shirt to commemorate this event:


Am I the ONLY person around here who thinks that shooting an unarmed man in the head (twice) was a bit overboard. Listening to O'bomber extolling how wonderful America is and how we all worship the same god really did it for me; but not in nice way.


Seems to me that Western foreign policy created the problem - it's like Vietnam all over again only a global scale.


Bin-Laden was a prize prick, responsible for who knows how many deaths... BUT does that give us the right to kill him when he posed no immediate threat to those sent to get him?

Yeah, when I heard he wasn't armed I got to wondering how he could "resist" enough to justify killing him.  The man needed dialysis and I'm thinking he wasn't a ninja or archmage.
Every breath that man took was an insult to our species. Killing him upon finding him was the only righteous thing to do. It shows that we can't/won't tolerate his brand of bullshit.

Killing people who are crazy and do horrible things is an insult to our species too.  We lock them up and protect everyone, but just killing someone without a trial is wrong in my book.


Considering who he is, that would have been a slam dunk trial.

does that give us the right to kill him when he posed no immediate threat to those sent to get him?

Yes. Yes, it does. And shooting him, unarmed or otherwise, wasn't overboard. In fact, I don't think it would been overboard to keep him alive so we could televise feeding him to wild pigs during halftime of the next Super Bowl.
It makes me sad when rational people decide that torture and crime against humanity are okay when they are in response to crimes against humanity. 

Pot = Kettle...


He should have been put on trial - even Sadam got that.




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