The main thing that has bothered me about Christianity lately is their stance that THEY are the one true religion and that THEIR God is the one true god.

But I don't understand. WHAT makes their God the one true god? WHAT makes their religion superior to that of Hinduism, Shintoism, Paganism, the various so-called "mythologies" (that were at one time also considered religions) out there? How can they be so sure that there is merely one God, that Odin or Zeus or Horus or Izanagi don't exist?

I honestly can't comprehend it. From what I've seen, all religions and mythologies are equal in terms of proof (or, rather, the lack thereof) and purpose (to explain previously unexplainable natural phenomena and to attempt to instill a set of certain moral values in the uneducated populace via folk stories), so aside from winning militarily, I can't see what makes them superior. I'm sure that had the Greeks or Romans conquered everyone, the vast majority of religious people would be worshipping Zeus or Jupiter instead of God.

I think it's rather disrespectful, too, especially in today's age where we have worldwide communication and a more verbal and diverse population (and are thus more able to come across these views). Saying that your religion is the only "true" one puts down the beliefs of others and makes them sound "inferior" - and that goes for ALL practiced religions today.

I'm sorry if this seems like preaching to the choir (heh), but this idea has been bothering me for a while and I finally wanted to put it down somewhere. Has anyone else thought about this?

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Yeppers!  And the whole situation gets even goofier the deeper you look at it.

  When i first started learning Greek many moons ago, I was startled to realize that the name of the Greek "all-father" (Zeus) was/is actually pronounced "thy-oos" not with a "z" but with a subordinate "th" like the "th" in the word "this" or "that".  It was spelled, not with the letter "zeta", but with the triangular letter that we all mistake for "delta" (actually pronounced "thelta" as per the above situation, and was later Latinized into a "d" changing the god's name from "thyoos" to "day-oos" or "dyoos", which is what the Catholic church still calls him to this very day. 

  Yes, that's right--they are in fact worshipping Zeus!  If xtians have anything against paganism, it could only be that the pagans came up with everything first, right down to their 'God'.

    Via con 'Deus', y'all-and all those other good myths, as well! (Personally I prefer Dionysus!)


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