This is painful to watch. Another christian shill from FOX absolutely humiliates herself by trying to debate Reza Aslan on his book, which I'm pretty damn sure she's never read...

I find this man somewhat brain-proud and arrogant, but I suppose if I studied a topic extensively for 20 years, I wouldn't be the slightest bit shy with regard to my knowledge on it, either - and truly - this is like watching a 4 year old trying to fight their dad...

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I have no problems with Reza. Green has obviously not read his book (neither have I) and her comments in this interview seem to be a "secret defending of the faith." Her questions seem to ring of "this man is attacking my faith." Reza has his opinion just like everyone else. There is some echo here of how you have to believe that Jesus was born of a virgin (a young woman) and how he was god incarnate. That's just how it is. We all know from our heritage that our religion is right, and that god is choosing up sides for a big volleyball game.

As for the article, I found it informative but also laced with things that the writer wants you to believe and understand as a prerequisite for anyone writing about religions.

God is imaginary. Study along this line ends the story.

Aslan's remark that Jesus did not believe he was God may be based on the Qur'an, in which Jesus appears a couple of times and states that neither he nor his mother have any right to be worshiped.  As for Spencer's statement that Aslan steered the interview into a discussion of his credentials, I think, as an academic myself, that it was quite reasonable to explain to the interviewer that he is well qualified to write such a book.  That doesn't mean that everything in the book is automatically correct; scholars make mistakes, and scholars in the humanities generally do elucidate their own point of view in books written for the popular market.  A scholarly book would include detailed discussions of the evidence for the major schools of thought on the question.

One thing that I find puzzling and offensive is the false dichotomy Spencer--along with many other bloggers and pundits--seems to hold dear, that genius and academic credentials are polar opposites.  One doesn't stop learning after grad school, and grad students generally do not learn a set of facts to regurgitate later.  I have an MA, an MFA, and a PhD, all in literature and language, but since grad school I have read a hundred or so books on religion--more than I was required to read on literature during grad school--and a few dozen books on evolution, history, and philosophy.  Sharp critical thinkers--even those with advanced degrees--keep learning all their lives, and having a dozen good, well researched books on the shelf is like having a dozen professors on hand.  And one shouldn't sneeze at books written for the popular market; they can bring fame and wealth to professors and prestige to a university.  If I could find a way to make Christianity as funny as I think it is, I would write one myself.

I was disappointed to learn that Aslan's dissertation was only 140 pages; mine was 375.  But his is probably better and, I expect, more timely.


I tried to follow your video link but it says "video unavailable". 




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