Sunday Nov 1, our organization, Atheists of Florida, placed an atheist billboard in probably the single most religious town in Florida: Lakeland.

Tampa Tribune/Tampa Bay Online ( article & reader comments ...

News video by Tampa TV station Channel 8 interviewing Rob (president of Atheists of Florida) and some Lakeland residents about the billboard ...

If you live in the area and want to see the sign, it is located in Lakeland at the corner of Highway 92 (Memorial Blvd) and Martin Luther King Jr Ave.

Atheists of Florida website ...

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Frankly I was happy enough when they put up an 'Escape from Polygamy' board! But later I think we had an Atheist-associated billboard! It's a great relief.
I saw another billboard with the same message a short while ago on a media broadcast, whereby the religious are stirring up un-necessary controversy regarding the message.

The message is clear, if you don't believe in god, you're not alone.

... somehow the god nuts think it's a horrible message. lol.
How dare we atheists acknowledge our own presence! heh.

Either way, good job. It will likely bring relief to other Atheists who feel isolated by the community, who aren't aware their numbers are greater than they realise.
We just got one of those billboards in Cincinnati as well.
The atheist local here had a double take in regards to their exposure:

Keep on keeping with your large format signage, kids need to see those up.

Kids and adults alike know the score now, it's 2009; not Taliban's, Moromon's, MTV blang blang corruption's nor FLDS's world!

Fkn' hard enough when your family's falling for the faith and leaving you to the dungeons!
Tables turn, elders seem to never learn, CNN is gossip/corporate news and Fox is faux news or just straight up cold corrupt; scheming on how to divert the public's money through mind-control, hugh, yeah I'll go there.
"....scheming on how to divert the public's money through mind-control, hugh....."

Gotta little conspiracy theory going here do we?
Awesome! Keep it up! Those people saying that the sign should come down - if their god is so powerful why would he care? If their faith is so strong why do they care? This is a civil right issue and a great argument that needs to go national. Three cheers!
Brilliant. I can use some over here.
God gave us slavery, segregation, second class status to women, etc. Yes, please, can we go back to a time when I was not allowed to vote or be friends with anyone not like me? Separation of church and state is what brought about equality that the Bible does not believe in. Silly Christians.

Wait... I couldn't have existed legally in those times, I'm interracial. D;



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