It's funny how Christians and other monotheists always have all these twisted views on what Hell and Heaven are to them.  Their concept of these places isn't based on any particular sciputure or holy writ of any faith.  Most of the modern concepts of Hell, Heaven and the ever-retarded Purgatory come from a book that I hope you all have read called The Divine Comedy, from an Italian poet named Dante Algeri.  If you haven't heard of the author or the book's title, I'm sure you at least know it's most popular tale Dante's Inferno where the author gives us his idea of what Hell is "probably" like. 


     It's funny to me how Christians have twisted these stories as if they were divine inspiration, when by all accounts Dante Algeri was probably not very religious, or at the least a very poor role model for our modern concept of what we concider "good Christians"(if there is such a thing). 


     I'm kind of glad that they have these concepts of the afterlife, because for me the first things that always come to mind when I think of Christans are The Spanish Inquisition and  The Salem Witch Trials.  If there were a god, monotheists would have been created for our entertainment.  Hearing people talk about god will always be funnier to me than any comedian or movie, because to them it's reality.

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I'm more in line with Sartre. "Hell is other people" - No Exit
And what the bible says about heaven ain't no walk in the park.
I read,some time ago that there were multi headed beasts sitting around singing :"Holy,holy,holy constantly and all the light of heaven comes from god..
Sounds pretty weird to me.
i think that hell is a cross being stuck down your throat to try to convert you, they try to create there own hell on others. it is funny to listen to them go though there act, and wounding if they believe what they say.....but i am getting worried about the power they are gaining,.... like.....convert or die.....or Palin if president with her finger on the button. this is something to think about, remember they are crazies......whats going on with this country.....may be they are trying to send the USA to.. to there hell,
my opinion, of this rapther, heaven & hell, they think that _od gives them a ticket out of dieing and they go straight to heaven, thats like having a christen suicide bomber. but some of the christian religions do not believe in the rapther. most of the baptist do, i think we are.... in between holy wars right now or close to it....... sorry for venting..... hope im wronge with all this being a atheist...see you in hell




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