Here's my problem: I keep reading that Atheism is gaining momentum in this country and then I see people like Michelle Bachman gaining popularity and I feel like we are slipping further and further into theocracy. When I was a kid, I loved this country. I loved our history of independence. I loved our founding fathers. I loved our military's goals of worldwide peace and freedom. I loved our freedom of speech (still love that one). As I've gotten older (wiser is debatable), I've grown more and more distrustful of the motives and aspirations of our leaders. I've even started questioning the capitalism that we seem to hold so dear.

I'm sick of the religious right. Why do they think the people want or need their outdated and ridiculous ideas. It's time we Atheists started becoming a relevant voice in this nation of ours. I know that we are not "joiners" by nature. If we were, we would be just another member of the local Baptist church that really doesn't believe all the supernatural mumbo-jumbo going on. I don't know how we go about doing this, but we have to unite and become vocal. Twenty years ago, homosexuals were more or less forced to live in the closet and lie to family and friends by these religious right douche-bags. Now, they can live in the open and even marry as they should have always been able to. The homosexuals didn't get to where they are now by remaining in the shadows. They got loud and people listened.

It's our turn.

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