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Would the strict legislation concerning the sale of alcohol - like in the Mormon - dominated State of Utah - also come into effect in other States of the USA after an election of Mitt Romney as President of the USA ?And is a new prohibition aera looming after the election of a Mormon President? And what are Mormon underpants ( and will we all be forced to wear them by law after the election )?


history folks; a lame and f'd up one at that
i'm guessing romney hates ingersoll, dawkins, nietzche and the like
what a drag on the meida imho; we should have mo' betta stuff on tv and the internet at mainstream level; like that lamestream that infects the elder folks
so plentiful; yet so destructive to what folks really need n want in life

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Huh? "Lamestream that infects the elder folks"?  What exactly do you mean?  That some of us can't walk without assistance?

PS: Do you have any idea how many members of Atheist Nexus are over 65?  We ARE here!


yeah but you've not been fooled ever if you're here.. or you're not currently a lemming ya know!?

we wouldn't have such a circus of idiocy in our politics (to quote Fidel Castro!!!) if it wasn't because of the idiocy of a significant portion of the American population who votes for these idiots.  We should not underestimate the idiocy of our population.

my only consolation is that if romney wins the presidency, the pendulum will immediately begin to swing against what he stands for and it will galvanize and even radicalize the millions who would suffer (even horribly) under a corporatocratist romney presidency - from the occupy people, to gays, to atheists and secularists who now make up 20 % of the population and are starting to become visible and outspoken in politics, victimized or raped women, and the increasing number of the millions of (old and new) poor whom of he recently stated plainly he IS NOT CONCERNED ABOUT.

under obama, these issues got diffused in corporate-owned media's rhetoric and dishonesty but under romney, the enemy will be right under our nose and will be quite unapologetic for his UNCONCERN.

indeed a cult is a cult
can't wait to see em' fail and his folks (zombies? hitler throwbacks?) burn his mansion(s) down...
look; the NAVY will not let it happen look at it that way...
he just happens to be the top pi' piper post bush era (you know the inflated/cheated era that to this day reaps the benefits.. profit-wise; of cheating...)
it's kinda complex but not really; its like watching groups of senile and lost youth-age people w/money and mega-temples? in frenzy; to burn out.. like so many others before them...?

hey here's a game changer of sorts:

my 2000 cents after perusing here today:
it's ok to blame the right wing privatized to death types (while creating more bureaucracy within their über-obsolete private sector(s))
all the while blaming the public/gov of the U.S.A.
through "devious methods" as one Jeb Bush once termed it;
 media and bs sky daddy hype is all they have left to distract folks from the truth nowdays;
And don't think they'll give up living like nihilists;
could care less about common sense; all haters.


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