Have you always trusted Oxford University Press? It's time to rethink. In Cheerleading for Monsanto? The Shocking Lack of Difference Between ... Frances Moore Lappe found hidden conflicts of interest, disdain for citation, and arrogant stonewalling of questioning scholars. When even the Oxford University Vice Chancellor ignored the issues, those concerned with academic standards were left with only a petition option.

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The Oxford University Press is a thoroughly disreputable, zionist-gangster organization and has been ever since it paid a convicted felon & embezzler, Cyrus I. Scofield, in 1907, to RE-write the bible, which Oxford re-branded the "King James" bible (AKA the Scofield Reference bible).  Scofield inserted the dispensationalist clap-trap that his zionist overlords, Samuel Untermyer & Whitelaw Reid, used to ultimately invent Israel & the Rapture for the evangelical chumps who plague our society today.  You can read all about it in Joseph M. Canfield's excellent book, "The Incredible Scofield and His Book".

To my mind, there is no organization on Earth more responsible for disquiet and, ultimately, phony wars than the Oxford University Press and I avoid their propaganda as much as I can.  The world would be far better place today if O.U.P. had never existed.




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