I watched the Dr. Oz show on TV a few times until I noticed he often had very questionable things to say.  Stephen Barrett, M.D. of http://www.quackwatch.org posted this piece on Oz three days ago:

Oz airs irresponsible attack on amalgam. The Dr. Oz Show has broadcast unfounded claims that amalgam fillings are dangerous. The program featured appearances by two mercury-free dentists, a woman who claimed to have suffered from amalgam toxicity, and a demonstration purporting to show that brushing the teeth releases toxic levels of mercury vapor within the mouth. During the demonstration, Oz reached into a sealed box to brush the teeth of a mouth model that contained amalgam fillings and an instrument detected mercury vapor within the box. The show mentioned the American Dental Association's viewpoint but denied the group's offer to provide credible experts for the the discussion. [American Dental Association objects to The Doctor Oz Show segment o.... ADA news release, March 28, 2013] Following the broadcast, the ADA Web site noted:

  • That demonstration did not take real world conditions into account. The mouth model on the show was in a closed, dry environment, but people have saliva in their mouth that reduces vapor activity.
  • Credible scientific studies show that the amount of vapor released from amalgam fillings is so small it is in the billionths of a single ounce. A noted researcher calculated that it would take nearly 300 amalgam fillings in real life for even the most sensitive person to exhibit symptoms.

Major health and scientific bodies around the world agree that, bas.... But Oz's program suggested that new amalgam fillings should be avoided and that tens of millions of Americans who have them are at risk and should discuss their situation with their dentist. The participants also advised people with amalgams to avoid eating "acid" foods such as grapefruit and tomatoes.

Amalgam use has been declining, partly because of unfounded attacks and partly because white composite fillings are more cosmetically acceptable. The Dr. Oz Show too often provides a platform for unscientific viewpoints (including anti-vaccination and anti-fluoridation) and promotes useless products. A sentence-by-sentence analysis of the anti-amalgam program will be posted to Dental Watch as soon as possible.


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The American Dental Association are deuchebags when it comes to the topic of mercury amalgams. Dentist suffer from the highest suicide rates, gee whiz, I wonder why. Even the billing clerk around the corner from the actual patients gets a hit of mercury because it gets in the air from the drilling and they breath it in. I could go on and on, but its seems like Idaho spud thinks the world of the ADA. 

Maybe dentists do have a dangerously high occupational exposure to mercury.  But that isn't related to the effect of fillings that are in people's mouths. 

Good observation Luara, that would be true. As for myself, after reading about the effects of mercury amalgrams, I went through the painful process of removing all 12 of my amalgams. I probably had them installed in perfectly good teeth, but that is a whole other issue. Anyway, I read about the adverse signs in "Health and Nutrition secrets that can save your life" by Dr Baylock M.D.

I am now cured of the following problems-

*personality changes

*unusual irritability

*timidity or shyness



* apathy ( I used to be downright cruel)

* impaired concentration 

* suicidal dispostion 

Mercury, in any case, is the MOST toxic substance that occurs naturally on the earths surface. It has no placed being drilled into peoples skulls. The ADA was formed 150 years ago by dentists who did not like being told amalgams are just wrong. At least they could have used other less toxic metals. 

However your mental changes aren't necessarily because you were being poisoned by mercury. 

No scientific evidence for that, that I know of.  If one looked at a large number of people, would there be a correlation between the how many fillings someone has, and their personality?  Do you know of any evidence like that?

please see the pic


The FDA says: "FDA has reviewed the best available scientific evidence to determine whether the low levels of mercury vapor associated with dental amalgam fillings are a cause for concern. Based on this evidence, FDA considers dental amalgam fillings safe for adults and children ages 6 and above. The amount of mercury measured in the bodies of people with dental amalgam fillings is well below levels associated with adverse health effects. Even in adults and children ages 6 and above who have fifteen or more amalgam surfaces, mercury exposure due to dental amalgam fillings has been found to be far below the lowest levels associated with harm. Clinical studies in adults and children ages 6 and above have also found no link between dental amalgam fillings and health problems."


When I go through the produce department, I look for the word "organic" because the FDA allows growers to use pesticides on the food. This same substance attacks the nervous system of insects. The problem is,  we have many biological things in common with insects and those pesticides can do a number on our nervous system as well. My point is, this cloak of authority given to FDA has does not easily sway a person like myself who has done their homework on food and health. 

And Luara, if you read the book I referenced, you will see the science behind mercury. Just because I wasn't in bed ill, does not mean that I was affected. 

If there is scientific support for what you're saying, then please give citations, like studies on Medline supporting what you're saying. 

But I don't think there is any such support.  I can't rule it out because of that. 

But, please understand that people make dramatic claims for things like homeopathy that can't work.  So I know that making a dramatic claim doesn't prove what you say. 

The alternative filling materials have problems too, they are less durable and they can emit possibly risky chemicals. 

A recent review of research did not find any health benefits to organic food, either.  You're better off spending the money on a larger quantity of non-organic fruits and vegetables. People generally don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. 

Dave Wentz, who brought the equipment to demonstrate that brushing released mercury gas, is the chief executive officer of USANA, a multilevel company that sells dietary supplements, and offers hyperbaric treatment, homeopathy, detoxification, whole body hyperthermia, neural therapy, colonic irrigation, Vegatesting, Cavitat testing, amalgam removal, and several other types of questionable approaches.

"The Jerome 431-X is an industrial safety device that has no legitimate dental use. Under normal conditions, when teeth are brushed, any traces of mercury vapor will be diluted by the air within the mouth or bound by saliva and either exhaled, spit out, or harmlessly swallowed. Very little is inhaled. With Wentz's setup, the device sucks in air near the teeth so that the device receives a much higher concentration than occurs within the mouth with human toothbrushing.

The OSHA permissible exposure limit is 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air, 8 hours a day, 50 weeks per year. Regular exposure at this level will produce urine mercury levels of about 135 micrograms per liter. These levels are much higher than those of the general public (and of dentists who use amalgams) but produce no symptoms and are considered safe [6]. The minuscule amount of mercury vapor that enters the body due to 1-2 minutes a day of brushing amalgam-filled teeth is trivial.

Mercury is found in the earth's crust and is ubiquitous in the environment. Thus, even without amalgam fillings, everyone has small but measurable blood and urine levels. Amalgam fillings raise these levels slightly, but this has no clinical significance. Many well controlled studies have shown that dental amalgams add very little to the daily dose of mercury one gets from breathing air, drinking water, and eating food. Wentz's statement that any level of exposure above zero is toxic is simply not true."

Details: Dr. Oz's improper amalgam toxicity demonstration  Analysis of Dr. Oz's unwarranted attack on amalgam fillings

Yes, he's all showbiz - I agree.


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