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Wow ... there is a LOT on that page ... and all of it ON POINT!

that's just one page.. thick book; think subj.

Excellent points.  Especially the line  "...the polite reluctance to criticize another's religion".  It seems to me that politeness ends when it comes to Muslims. 

I just read about muslim hezbolah getting pass in columbia yikes! miami herald yesterday

Thanks S,C. for the reminder about a book that I've been meaning to read (just ordered it used - $4.55 with shipping).  Kevin Phillips and I share few political convictions, but I always find what he has to say worth thinking about.  His writing is dense, and a bit of a struggle at times, but I'll push on through it to try understanding his points.  Phillips reminds me of my dear little brother, who is also a politically conservative, dry but brilliant professor on whose words any serious student hangs even when it's not what they want to hear.


cool. 4.50!? ha.. well it was worth getting the week it came out! ha. 
I remember reading it in nasty motel in orlando/daytona area? 
was helping a friend move / er' clean a house. ha. wow. years back already. peace!@




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