Pakistan blocks Facebook over 'Draw Mohammad' contest

Pakistan Court Orders Block Of Facebook Over Caricatures

I can't find the discussion where we have all the Mohammad cartoons posted (maybe someone can link it - they are great), but this is evidence that such activities CAN and DO have the desired impact - ridiculing these idiots incites them to make even bigger fools of themselves.  I think we should work to make A/N the next site blocked in Pakistan - it might do wonders for our membership.

"The court has ordered the government to immediately block Facebook until May 31 because of this blasphemous competition,"

"The court has also ordered the foreign ministry to investigate why such a competition is being held."

Why? Because your religion is a preposterous, antiquated mythology that fosters ignorance and intolerance.

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Here is the BBC's article on the same issue. I wonder how Pakistan will deal with the fact that pages are archived? Allowing Facebook back online from May 31 isn't going to prevent access to the Facebook page in question. I also wonder if the same court has cut access to A/N, if they ever had access. and if not, should we let them know about our little world so we can garner some publicity? That sounds a bit alike poking a stick in a snake hole - probably best to keep quiet.

The Draw Mohammad thread is in the comedy forum.

Here is a link to the Draw Muhammad page:
That is hilarious!




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