Rather than facing "Draw Mohammad Day" head on, Pakistan has banned all of Facebook.

As if that will solve the situation.

There are various reports, depending on where you receive your information.



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So... this sort of begs the question; how popular was facebook in Pakistan before "Draw Mohammad Day" and will banning it really make any difference to the people who actually drew "Mohammad" for the LULZ or to make a statement? Isn't punnishing those who did not draw Mohammad to address those who did kind of ... well, exceptionally stupid? I don't imagine there were many Pakistanis drawing Mohammed and I can't see that facebook is going to be significantly impacted by losing its Pakistani audience.
I find your last sentence disturbing. Facebook isn't an end in itself, it's a tool for people to communicate. I'm not at all bothered with Facebook losing its Pakistani audience, but I'm certainly bothered with free speech being curbed in Pakistan because of it.


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