Hello people I am 29. I am atheist from last 4 years. I read the whole Quran with translational and also the other Islamic texts and I found that if some one in his/her senses studies these scriptures he/she will never be Muslim again. Anyway my younger brother knows about my atheism and he doesn't mind it, I didn't ask him but some time I feel that he is agnostic.
Rest of my family knows that I don't go for Friday prayers, my mom some time does give me some religious looks :p but my family doesn't force me for following it. I also don't fast and my family knows about it. But openly no body knows that I am full fledge atheist.
I broke up with my Muslim girl because she never understood why I don't pray. I was not totally open to her, that was my mistake. Anyway I am single now I mean back to square one. But I am loving my free time.
I work as a marketing manager here in dubai UAE. Originally I am from the same place where bin laden died :p .. Pretty scary huh...!!!! But I love my beautiful area. Some day I will go over there and live on my farm (my farm= future sustainable agribusiness project)

Anyway thanks for reading guys and gals.. Stay away from drugs and gods.

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Welcome! I am glad that there are people see the truth even in the most unenlightened parts of the world. I am also glad that you now stay in the UAE, which seems slightly more open-minded where religion is concerned (this is only an impression I got, I only visited briefly once).
Yeah, reading the Torah as well! I've been to Dubai, insanely beautifual and rich. Largest skyscraper in the world, biggest and best malls in the world, with indoor downhill skiing? Are you kidding me? You are so lucky to be there now, as I am lucky to be back in the US after spending too long in less-nice areas of the middle east as well. There are few things as awkward as a Jewish-raised atheist hopping about the middle east. Well, keep working on your brother. Push him to commit, or at least commit to learning about the issues and not dodging them. That is, if you think he will benefit from it, of course.
But I like drugs.

Regardless, my hat goes off to you dude. We complain about being persecuted for our atheism in the West on this site. Compared to plenty of other people in other places and times tho our atheism comes cheap and easy. I was hearing just today, I think, about how common it is for Moslems to feel apostasy is an offence punishable by death. You sir, have my admiration. Good luck.

Thank you guys :-)


Ya UAE is better than Pakistan. People here don't give me strange looks when i don't go for prayer or if i don't switch off my music when they call for Islamic Prayer (Adhan is the Arabic word for calling people to come to pray to allah in the mosque).

And yes its a rich city for rich people, it's like a gold reserve but you cant touch it :P and yes they have that "indoor Downhill Skiing".


Sorry for the drugs part (if you are referring marijuana then i don't consider it a drug)


Nice to meet you guys  :-)



Hi Ali,

Thanks for introducing yourself & welcome to the nexus. I'm from a similar background & feel like you're lucky to have a family that doesnt force you to follow or practice their religion. But I'm just curious...how do you dream of going back to a country & society thats getting more & more radicalized & intolerant & even imagine living there as an atheist? Do you think you'll be able to keep your lack of faith hidden from everyone & even if you manage to do that, dont you think it'll be a lonely existence? If you ask me, its not worth it :)

Dear Nuha thanks for welcoming me.

Ya they are not that religious themselves so it's easy for me at home. 
And do I have another choice? In UAE if you dont have a job you can not stay here for more than 30-days. Then obviously my next destination would be Pakistan. I can't move to any other country. Who ever see my passport they get scared, like I am some kind of al-Qaida member :p so Nehu I have to find a sanctuary to live and the farm is the best place. Grow your own food, work all day long on your farm, study philosophy in evening, live near to the nature. 

That is probably the best you can do... live on your own farm, live independent, isolated from the tier 1 viral insanity carried by most Pakistanis. Some parts of Pakistan are indeed very beautiful and serene... sadly the people often do not reflect the landscape :(  


Don't forget, you need internet access so you can keep us updated - tell us stories of life on the front lines ^^

Yup that's what I was saying. 

You know I went to Pakistan after 5 years for 5 days, also went to abbottabad, it was beautiful as it is always but people hate US and Israel more than they love their own country. One very important thing that educated people of Pakistan sometimes are more stupid in their discussions on 9/11 and Israel. I think this is because of lot of conspiracy theories that they hear at home on TV in group discussion or their universities. And this scares me a lot. These people are the future of pakistan and it doesn't look good. Anyway I also have some friends who are very liberal(still Muslims) but they are bit different but when it comes to Israel or some facts disproving quranic Pseudoscience  they are very defensive. And most of the time I stay away from these discussions. 
Thanks :)

Well my friend, I do have a bit of an idea where you are coming from.  My father was a Methodist minister and my family is general was fairly fundamentalist. I took religion seriously enough to think about it critically so now I am an atheist.  My graduate work was primarily in Middle East studies and I taught religious studies (Islam and Hindu)as a grad student.  So I do have a little understanding of religious socialization and indoctrination beyond this society.  

I have been reading Darrel Ray's The God Virus and find that to be a fascinating and very useful metaphor.  Those around us who are infected generally find an atheist to be inconceivable.  The also find us to be threatening to their peace of mind and hence they can be violently dangerous to the non infected.  

I would therefore caution you to be careful.  I am careful in the USA and we have a moderately open society.  I would also be very interested in hearing your thoughts and concerns and the difficulties you encounter.  Our cultural differences allow for a good deal of learning on both sides.

Have you ever lived in the US? 

Best regards and keep thinking.

It is realy encourging to see youg athiests from Pakistan. What part/parts of Quran inspired you to become an athiest?




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