Hello people I am 29. I am atheist from last 4 years. I read the whole Quran with translational and also the other Islamic texts and I found that if some one in his/her senses studies these scriptures he/she will never be Muslim again. Anyway my younger brother knows about my atheism and he doesn't mind it, I didn't ask him but some time I feel that he is agnostic.
Rest of my family knows that I don't go for Friday prayers, my mom some time does give me some religious looks :p but my family doesn't force me for following it. I also don't fast and my family knows about it. But openly no body knows that I am full fledge atheist.
I broke up with my Muslim girl because she never understood why I don't pray. I was not totally open to her, that was my mistake. Anyway I am single now I mean back to square one. But I am loving my free time.
I work as a marketing manager here in dubai UAE. Originally I am from the same place where bin laden died :p .. Pretty scary huh...!!!! But I love my beautiful area. Some day I will go over there and live on my farm (my farm= future sustainable agribusiness project)

Anyway thanks for reading guys and gals.. Stay away from drugs and gods.

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It is realy encourging to see youg athiests from Pakistan. What part/parts of Quran inspired you to become an athiest?



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