Palin Criticizes Obama for Mishandling Iceland's Volcano **UPDATED**

**UPDATE: D'oh!!!
Looks like the story is a spoof. Which on the one hand pisses me off, because TPM is usually a decent source. But on the other hand, you have to admit: Given Palin's supreme stupidity, it's completely believable isn't it?


This is only vaguely Atheism/Religion related.

1) These days, does anything Palin do not have religion behind it? 

2) She is apparently acknowledging Obama's magical/super/god-like power to control volcanos and ash clouds, and that terrorists (presumably through Obama) might possess the same power.

In a speech to the national convention of tea-party lawyers Sarah Palin criticized Obama for his handling of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull. She also suggested that volcanoes if they found there way into the hands of terrorist or rogue states could be a serious national security issue.

Palin suggested in a Q&A session that President Obama isn't doing enough to stop the Icelandic Volcano from disrupting European air travel.

I think we need to invent whole new adjectives to describe this woman, for words like "Stupid," "Moron" "Idiot Supreme" "Brainless Fucking Turd In A Dress" just don't cut it anymore. 

I would also genuinely like to know, if her god is so powerful and she and god are such BFF's, why aren't they doing anything about the Icelandic Volcano? 

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This is a fabricated article. Read the comments below on the source page. Although it is totally believable given her track record haha. Kinda sad.

Updated, and as I said in the update: You have to admit that given it's Sarah Palin, the story is completely believable.
From now on, I'll spell her name 'Sarah Poelin'.
I think this belongs in the atheist humor group, doesn't it? :P




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