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Palin to Resign as Governor of Alaska

"Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska announced Thursday that she would step down by the end of the month and not seek a second term as governor, allowing her to seek the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

Ms. Palin, who was Senator John McCain’s vice presidential running mate in last year’s election and rallied the party’s conservative base, explained her decision at a news conference at her home in Wasilla, accompanied by her husband, Todd, and other family members.

“We know we can effect positive change outside of government,” she said in making the announcement.

Ms. Palin, who was known as Sarah Barricuda when she played basketball in high school, used point guard analogy, saying she knows “exactly when to pass the ball so the team can win.”

She said that she planned to hand over the reins of the state government to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, who would be sworn in at the governor’s picnic in Fairbanks on July 25.

There had been wide speculation that she would seek to be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in 2012. Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, who is also considered to be a Republican candidate for president in 2012, recently announced that he would not seek re-election.

By leaving office early, Ms. Palin will be able to travel around the country more freely and not have to deal with the constraints of being a governor."

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I was hoping maybe they found out she was having an affair with Sanford too!

Great now we'll have this twit running around blabbing again, I wish for deafness every time I hear her voice................
Heh. When I saw the headline, I thought she'd been caught doing something illegal.
We can certainly Hope!
She was mired down in state ethics investigations, and the stuff about her husband being a member of that Alaskan separatist party for nine years was just trotted out again by McCain's people.

She can run for president, but she can't run from her own party. My sense is no matter how much she whips up the extremists, there are plenty of Republican operatives that'll work behind the scenes to make sure she doesn't get nominated.
On second thought, maybe this would have been more appropriate in the Comedy category.
Of course faux is claiming she is stepping down because all the liberal meanies were saying bad stuff about her children, just like they did the Bush spawn.

Puleeze do any of them remember the garbage they threw out about Amy Carter or Chelsea Clinton???

They all make me sick.
Not that I think she has a snowballs chance in the Sahara, but if she is president I'm moving to Canada. No joke.
Go by water or visit the border in the Boundary waters area...

True she does not have a chance but there are others just like her out there just not as ignorant. Plus the repugs do not want anything to do with her. They are still looking at Romney with his magic underpants! or possibly Gingrich ..... (who has no magic underpants but does have balls the size of rush Limpball.
First go to Detroit -- no one goes to Detroit anymore, so the roads will be empty. Then head for Windsor.

Don't go to the Boundary Waters. You'll scare the walleye and muskie with all the car noise, and then my dad will be on the phone bitching to me.
Everyone's complicating things. The only thing at issue here is the American public's gullibility. It's the ultimate test. I would like to say I have hope with confidence, but I don't. I have hope because thinking it's possible is too horrible to think about. President Palin is not unpossible.


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