Palm Beach FL, County schools still reeling from Jeb Bush Inc. regression.

Don't want kids to know the truth? De-educate them, dumb them down, like TV, fundie religions and drugs/gangs/abuse, pick one.
I dig this reply to the article:

How does a school district allow one idiot to change things so badly that a whole year is gone for these kids?????
This is why America is in the toilet with it's educational issues. Let's stop all this testing and let the teachers teach.
It was not broken in the '50's, 60's with no FCRAP, when was there a need to start testing?????
Oh wait, when a politician's friend was able to make tons of money off the project!!!!!
Thanks Jeb....for nothing.

mjddjm (01/06/2010, 5:57 AM )

sad but true sidenote:
I worked for a Jewish owned, kicked out of Venezuela corporation that got the contract to print the 'no child left behind' propaganda for english and spanish-based brochures etc.. seems the über catholic jeb hired or had someone hire some real questionable euro-jewish-gang-exiled from venezuela corporation to do the dirt. And I needed the money, and had no clue of the ramifications... I wondered why they had me do so much for so little!
so much for benefit of the doubt. I enjoyed working with the Jamaican paper cutter at that job, he would tell me 'bush is completely evil mon!'; so are others in that cult too. This may sound far fetched but on top of that story is the pressman, total abusive behavior guy from texas that would sleep hungover by the press! Guess who he used to work for before ending up in Miami... Enron, printed all their stuff, go figure! Sigh, amazing where digital art/press guys ended up back in the day. Now if you're not a go-w-godder or in debt, you don't get hired; at least if your blacklisted in south Frauda.

Take care folks, it's a long road out of the republican/gop mind-fields.

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