Just wondering if there are many atheists in the Palouse region (WA).  It seems like this place is infested with religious bigots who fight among themselves.

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Raj, I was born in a little town in Whitman County, Tekoa. It is wheat, lentil, and pea farming country. Yes, a very strong religious bigoted area with people of strong conviction and who fight among themselves. You called that correctly. From where are you writing? 


How did you arrive at Pullman? Must be something to do with the college. 


Oh yes! I attended WSU in 1955-6 and majored in horticulture. I was the only woman in the class and really got a ribbing when we loaded up the trucks at barn composts and spread that wonderful brown fertilizer over the flower beds of the campus. I was running for freshman class secretary at the time and the fellows on my team made a big banner that they spread across the side of the manure truck that said, "Joan Denoo is the girl for you". I won, in spite of or because of riding that manure truck full of healthy young men and me perched on the pile and spreading more than brown manure. 

Wow!  1955!  Horticulture dept is pretty good.  I bet you are a great gardner.  

Yes, WSU had an outstanding Horticulture dept and my favorite instructor was Woody Kalin. I was in China doing some research and ran across a bunch of agronomists attending a conference. We had a wonderful chat about soils and stuff like that. I asked if anyone knew Woody Kalin from WSU. Several of them did. 

Here is a photo of my back yard in 1993. The baby is my granddaughter who is 21 years old and expecting a baby. 

Here is the same view, with the camera in the same place, on Sept 11, 2013, my year of cancer treatments. Notice the tiny blue spruce in the upper picture and the giant of a tree in the lower one. 




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