Panacea society - Stephen Fry and QI - where would JC live if he came back?

Some of the fundies in the UK have a more gentle approach to things. Watch this clip from the excellent show hosted by Stephen Fry called QI. Very funny and wonder who is planning to host JC if he were to come back or would the nutties have a fight over that then?

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I agree with the electric chairs on a chain and replacing the cross. I've used that one often myself.  This was pretty good but could have been better if Monty Python did it. Most of us on this side of the pond forget that they have long ago disbanded.

An after thought here for me on where would JC live if he came back. He couldn't stay with me without proper identification, and I have to add that I don't know what he looks like. That makes a problem as I don't think he has ever been properly identified. An ID card would not work here.


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