Panic broke out at Trinidad and Tobago high school after students fell mysteriously ill, began rolling on the ground and blabbering in a strange tongue, triggering fears of a demon attack, the Guardian Trinidad and Tobago reported.


Seventeen female students at Moruga Composite School began the strange behavior after suffering from nausea and headaches. Two of the students reportedly tried to throw themselves off a railing and had to be physically restrained.


Teachers took the students into the multi-purpose hall where some of them fell into a semi-conscious state. One student, Kern Mollinea, told the paper that the girls were unusually strong, and many of them had bruises.


Mollineau also claimed he communicated with the “Devil” who had possessed the girl. “I asked the Devil what he wanted with the girls and the voice said he wanted a life. He kept saying to send the girls in the toilet and to leave them alone.”


Roman Catholic priests and pastors from nearby churches visited the school to shower the children with holy water and prayers.


Authorities said that there was nothing in the environment to trigger fainting spells, nausea and headaches among the students.


A teacher told authorities the school was constructed on a burial site, but neighbors who live around the school denied such claims.


School officials confirmed that all 17 pupils were taken to a local hospital and then sent home.


Sounds like a bunch of kids decided to play a big joke on a lot of gullible people!

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One of the teachers should have brought a big ol' snake into the room. Bet that would have cured the madness in a hurry. The classroom would have emptied in an instant.
myth in myth out?
Reminiscent of the Salem witchraft hysteria in 1692.
this is wonderful!
Mass hallucinations do happen. >.> As do incidental ingestion of psychosis-inducing substances, if someone decided to, say, spike some of the lunch foods.
Sounds a lot more like LSD than devil to me.


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