In my experience. The main reason that scientific naturalism doesn't have the same kind of popular following that Christianity or Islam does, is because it isn't very appealing on an emotional level.

Most people would rather be comfortable than aware.

This is why I think that Pantheism has such potential. It doesn't advocate any kind of supernatural realm or soul, and it provides all the solace and richness of religion. I am still learning about Pantheism, but its reverence for nature and respect for what is real resonate with me. I know that it might sound a little religious when it talks about "god". But God as is defined by a Pantheist simply refers to the laws of the universe and material reality.

What does A/N know about Pantheism. Any thoughts?

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Well Mark, funny how Richard Dawkins finds pantheism to be "sexed-up atheism" and has nothiing bad to say about it. He does suggest that pantheist scientists should not use the God word - the World Pantheist Movement does not use it anyway.
Mark, please consider at least perusing The Case for Naturalistic Spirituality by Tom Clark, founder and director of the Center for Naturalism.

At very least, it will clear up that supernaturalism has nothing to do with naturalistic spirituality, contrary to what you've repeatedly claimed when commenting on this subject.
Larry, you need to read the material of the World Pantheist Movement - we do not use the god word at all, as far as science and metaphysics goes we are 100% naturalistic and empirical.
We do not glean from existing religions. We also demand proof.
Check us out and then write, based on the facts not on pure guesswork.
Don't forget the largest organization of pantheists in the world, the World Pantheist Movement which does NOT talk about God and does NOT use God words because we agree with Richard Dawkins that they are misleading.



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