Thousands of the Faithful Flock to Island Church to see the Face o...

Thousands of people have flocked to a Roman Catholic church on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion after believers said they saw the “face of Christ” in the pleats of a church cushion.

Church officials limited access to the Jesus-Misericordieux church in eastern Saint-Andre’s Cambuston district to a few minutes per visitor as traffic in the area ground to a halt.

Believers and curious onlookers pulled out cameras to take pictures of the cushion attached to the priest’s chair.

Antoinette, an 82-year-old parishioner, said the face was a “divine phenomenon” as tears welled up her eyes.

“This church is a holy site,” added Lise-May, another worshiper.

The "face" in the cushion looks more like one of the Easter Island Statues than Jesus, IMO. But people see what they want to see...

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i would love to be the guy that irons it. lol
You forgot the inexplicable, spooky coincidence: Reunion Bishop Gilbert Aubry has so far not commented on the occurrence which came within days of outbursts of violence over the high cost of living on the island whose economy depends on tourism and subsidies from the French state.
Oy vey. What a thieving loon.

Then again, aren't most of them?
It's funny how anything that has the slightest resemblence to a human face is said to either be Jesus, Mary, or Satan. Somebody will probably pay big bucks for this on ebay.
Oh,I'm sure they will...Why in the world do they think a god would feel the need engage in such nonsense in the first place?
It's a clown.


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