I've looked all over the internet, but I cannot find any source other than Yahoo Answers that has a response to whether one's parents can legally make them go to church as a child. I am specifically looking for the Canadian laws, and if possible, Albertan laws on this. Maybe some members with greater resources than I can help with this.

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Aaron, I have found laws in several states by searching, for instance, "ohio legislature".

A page appears with a word such as "laws", "codes", "statutes", et cetera. Click on the word.

The next page should have a list of the kinds of laws: penal, professional, motor vehicles, family, etc. Click on the kind of law you want to search, probably "family".

There should be a search box so you can enter a word or phrase you want to find.

If your state or province is taxpayer-friendly you will see on each line your word and several words before and after it, and the section number where you will see paragraphs of law.

Good luck.




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