What is the ideal relationship between parents and children? This relationship should be more severe, parents imposing their terms automatically, or should it be a friendship? In the latter case, if the child benefit from parents' indulgence and do something stupid? I know that the situation varies from case to case, but I speak in general. My husband and I get ready to be parents again, we want to adopt for the first time, and therefore we want more opinions. So, what do you think?

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Make sure you don't live in Florida; too many people could care less about kids here.
The problem with parenthood is that it's all about finding a balance. Too far to either side of the spectrum can result in difficulties (for you and your kids). But balance isn't the same for everyone either - you have to find what's right for your kids and you as parents. I know parents who are the friendly type whose kids turn out wonderfully, and parents who are strict whose kids also do very well. The biggest issue isn't in how you "parent" per se, it's more in how you respond to the type of human being your child is - their choices, screwups and consequences. And it's different with every child. Take a look at your own philosophies on human behavior, choices and consequences, future goals, etc., and use those to guide your decisions with regard to your children. There is no "wrong" way to parent that allows a child to learn for themselves and grow in that knowledge.
I second The Nerd, it has been a fantastic resource for us and I've suggested it to friends as well.


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