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Well thats the logic of these people sadly, thinking up what they want to see happen and then ascribing it to the will of God, same as its always been.
It doesn't take much to imagine one of this guys 'flock' thinking that god is being a little slow on the uptake and desiding to take matters into his own hands.As we have seen this week some of these people are very disturbed and dangerous.
If they started handing out olanzapine instead of guns the situation would improve considerably.
LOL! Good one, Karl. But, what is olanxapine? My guess is, a trank.
It's an anti-psychotic. It might work :-)
I think it should be force-fed to Ted Haggard, Rod Parsley-Sage-Thyme, Rev. Haggee, Tony Perkins, Randall Terry, and all the other fanatical Christers in the country. Round 'em up and tie 'em down.
Ted Haggard needs to be force fed other ....things. The more of that for him the better. He's only a cruise or two from moving to San Fran.
I don't see much difference between this and the non-religious advocacy of assasination of the previous president.
See this is where I am divided from most. By all means let jack asses like this keep doing what they do. Sure some people will listen to them, even support them with money or what have you. However, for every blind-eyed devoted follower, I assure you this is turning other people away (people with a heart and a mind). There is no faith that can devalue human life this way without showing their true face. Let them show us just how false their belief is.

Also, I am a very ardent supporter of Obama, so please don't assume I want this mans intentions to be realized. I just want them to show the true face of religion.
Down boy!
He didn't kick you off did he??
I definitely want to know the history of this disagreement (kj vs. Alex Donovan).
I asked him to stop harassing someone else on my board, then he began harassing others as well. There is no way to stop someone from posting on a public discussion board, so in all seriousness there is not a way to "kick" someone off a thread.
As far as I know, the only ones who have the power to kick people off of forum discussions are NING muckity mucks and Richard, the site administrator.




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