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The problem is that reasonable people will distance themselves from the whackos by describing them as "not a real Christian". That label really irritates me.
It's the same as the definition of intelligence, Alex: what the other guy hasn't got.
There was a fascinating debate recently between Sam Harris, author of End of Faith, and Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic Monthly concerning whether mainstream Christians were a help or a hindrance, Harris taking the position that they are "enablers" (my word, not Harris') for the kooks like Hagee, Parsley et al. As far as I am concerned, Harris is right and Sullivan (as usual) is wrong. As long as anyone believes in "God" and preaches a gospel of one sort or another, he or she is the enemy to progress. Seven thousand years of stupidity should now be antique. If I were a book burner, I would consign all Boobles, Tora Tora Torahs and Unholy Kookrans to the dung heap of history. I am a militant atheist. Show them no quarter.
Ohhhh yeah...lets hear it for christian love and charity.
Well, at least he's only praying for it... Honestly, I don't get the point of politics... everyone says that democracy is so moral and whatnot, but in my direct experience, democracy in reality is nothing like its propaganda ads.

Democracy is supposed to be voluntary: I want no part of our current government, yet I am still a citizen and must still obey the law, against my will.

Democracy is supposed to be participatory: I would like to get much more involved in everyday affairs, yet I am prohibited from doing so except once every two years unless I am elected to an office, which I never intend to run for.

Democracy is supposed to be fair: I find many of our modern day practices to be full-blown, let alone borderline insane, and the prospect of them being legal simply makes me sick. I think the whole idea of being either an elephant or a donkey supporter is equally as ridiculous as most of the arbitrary lines that republicans and democrats draw in the sand.

Did I really hear Sarah Palin talk in support of mutual ownership of Alaskan oil??? seriously??? was that just an attempt to be pro-oil at any cost, or is she truly some-what communist?

Also, is Barack Obama truly against the legalization of marijuana??? What an ass! I really hope that not only Barack Obama, but all other politicians altogether [censored for my own protection] at the same time. Hell, I'll pray for that!

None of them, not one, does us any good... each and every one of them pander to enough of the people to elect them to office and then they coast through the rest of the issues that they have to face... they are all cowards, they are all inhumane, and they all ultimately seek to serve one individual (themselves). I personally have lost my faith in democracy (at least its representative form) entirely. I see no difference between Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, and the Imams of Islam.

Why should I serve these self-centered wind bags anyway? F*** them all!

We are a Democratic Republic, not a full Democracy. My brother you be overloading a bit....breathe, breathe...sigh...
By any chance, do you have a brother or other relative named Gordon?
I can't agree with all of your sentiments, but I think you might want to examine the writings of Noam Chomsky. Like Chomsky, you seem to be in favor of a form of government that is people-owned; devoid of lobbyists and power playing elites, and all the other hindrances to progress inherent in current governmental systems the world over. What form of government is that? Anarcho-syndicalism. Like communism, it's never been tried. It just might work in ways that would please you. In the meantime, no one person or party can solve all social ills. The enemies of freedom and progress are slowly dying out as each generation born grows to adulthood with ideas such as yours. I am 66 and the changes I have seen are incredible. Take marijuana. When I was growing up, in my own state you could get life for an ounce or less. Now, police have the option of giving you a citation, like a speeding ticket, for that amount. Is this not change?
Pastor Drake is praying, and if some nut case believes he is answering God's call by killing the president the prayer is answered? Yes.
This is the problem with that.

We live in a place where we can express ourselves without fear of arrest, usually. Wouldn't it be nice if people kept in mind the possible consequences of their own free expression. I submit this Pastor Drake is chillingly aware.

When I join with people in the streets protesting the wars, or protesting discrimination, I am aware my actions may change the current government trajectory. When I call for an arrest of government officials who facilitated torture, I am aware there may be consequences. Would I be responsible if I called for the death of those people instead? Firstly, that is an immoral act for me. I would not do that. Secondly, if I stated the desire to see these people dead, I know it is possible somebody may choose to kill them directly due to my persuasion. Therefore, I will not ever do this.

Pastor Drake is not moral. He is calculating and dangerous.
There is a law specifically prohibiting threats against the president or his/her successors. See

The Secret Service enforces this law with wide latitude, going so far as to investigate a preacher who said God would hold Clinton to account for his veto of a partial-birth abortion ban. See

They take this sort of thing very seriously. Even jokes about it can get you in hot water. And I'm pretty sure threatening anybody with bodily harm is a form of assault.
It is a desparate time for them, many xtians see the election of Obama as the coming of the anti-christ. Fools I was born 42 years ago, and would never expose myself as pres.;-)
Calculating and dangerous, ...perfectly chosen words for these people. There is no question in my mind that he is hoping for another martyr to step up and do the deed.



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