What if our children had been among the victims? Just when we feel devastated enough, we are additionally isolated, insulted and coerced. President Obama is coerced. I don't think he believes what he said. But he had to do it. Most of us have to defer to them, sometimes, and they win. 

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Coerced?  No.  Cognizant of his audience?  Hell, yes.  Can you imagine the reaction if he hadn't mentioned scripture or any of the other phrases which we think of as annoying but which was what those in Newtown, Connecticut were expecting?

As I said in responding to Randal Smith's similar post, I would love to hear a purely secular response to such a situation, something which could be as deft and empathetic without any mention of god or the bible.  I haven't the talent to write such a thing, but I would love to hear it ... and maybe one day we can hope for a social environment in the US where NOT invoking god is the rule and not the exception.

Is everyone in Connecticut into this particular meme? Sides were taken, people were excluded, and his own heartfelt reaction was buried.

People "came together" as long as they were xtians, or silent Abrahamics of other kinds. Coercion, exclusion, bigotry. Just when we needed it least.

I still think that, at his core, Barack Obama is who his mother raised him to be -- a secular humanist.  He may have convinced himself at some level that he's a Christian, sort of, but his heart just doesn't appear to be in it.  I wonder what he'll do in the years after he leaves office.  He might even relax slightly as his second term nears its end.  I wonder.

I'm certain he's not as zealous as he pretends to be. I just wonder what he says to his wife and children in private. I'm sure hypocrisy within his family isn't his thing, but, of course, it has to be accepted in politics.

Having to pretend to be a bible-reading Christian is a product of coercion.




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