A St. Louis pastor came in to Applebee's with a large group after church last Sunday.  She had the gall to write "I give God 10%.  Why do you get 18?" on her portion of the check and cross out the auto-tip put in for large groups.

One of the servers, though not the one she stiffed, put the receipt up on Reddit.  Comsumerist picks up the story below.


I have emailed IHOP and Applebee's and told them I'm not coming back till they apologize to this girl.  Sure, she was wrong.  But this is where I am going to take my stand.  What about you?

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The BEST bit though - is that the idiot didn't take note that the tip was already tallied in to the bill total. 

I sincerely hope that this waitress will get a better job, in a better establishment and that the pastor gets all the more "embarrassing" publicity.   Don't want to be embarrassed?  Don't be a douche nozzle.

This was on the news here in St. Louis this evening. From KTVI-TV, the local Fox affliate: http://fox2now.com/2013/01/31/web-world-i-give-god-10-receipt-goes-...

BTW, I've ate at that particular Applebee's - it's on a pretty busy South City intersection.

I have never heard SO MANY PUNS in my entire life!  Hahahahahaha! I am going to have to share this with all of my friends for the puns alone! :D

I think the pastor was out of line to write that on the bill. However, the server should not post a private bill of a customer online. Maybe she could have posted it and blacked out the name of the pastor or something.

Applebees treats their employees like shit.  My daughter worked there, and on several occasions the drawer came up short for whatever reason, and she had to put money from her own pocket into the register, thus actually making a negative salary after an eight hour closing shift.  Once I had to drive there late at night to give her money to put in the drawer.  They let customers get away with whatever they want, making the employees lives miserable.  She had to comp tons of meals for people who would come in regularly and, like clockwork, make a complaint about the food after they ate most of it. 

I think what has most people so worked up isn't the internet working as a though police, but IHOP doing so.  Yes, they have the right to dismiss their employees for any or no reason.  But we also have the right to stop giving them our business.

Personally, I was at Waffle House just this morning.

I'd be willing to boycott Applebee's over this, but I already don't eat there because their food is obnoxiously horrible, their service is generally grudging and the menu contains little that I can eat anyway (I am on a fat-restricted diet and most of their menu is fried).




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