Suggesting that with its increased acceptance of LGBT equality "Barack Obama's America" has taken the place of the Soviet Union as "the focus of evil in the modern world," Buchanan argued that Putin's Russia is a better example to the international community.  He applauded a recent India Supreme Court ruling reinstating that country's ban on gay sex, seeing it as a sign that Putin's vision may yet prevail (emphasis added):

never in my lifetime did i think an American conservative would be praising an authoritarian former KGB boss world leader in this manner.  worse yet, he actually calls America "the focus of evil in the modern world".  oh, sorry, "Barack Obama's America" which is some alternate country from where Buchanan sits. 

i'm not sure which is the bigger driver of his sentiment - Obama hate or gay repulsion.  suffice it to say, it's probably a bit of both.  can you still be a "Patriot" and hate your country? 

folks like Buchanan forget that America's pledge of allegiance (which they love sooooo much) calls for "liberty and justice for all".  he cites how few countries accept gay marriage as evidence that our acceptance is an outlier to a more civilized world society.  to that i say - good!  we should set an example of champions of liberty for all people. 

so it's either that Buchanan has forgotten this, or he doesn't consider homosexuals people.  either way, i'm fairly certain this is a new phenomenon where it's somehow truly American to say awful things about our country and to praise a former communist quasi dictator from Russia.  my, how the times really are a changing. 

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I'm reminded of a comment of sympathy once made in reference to Pat Buchanan. I can't recall who said it, but whoever it was said he was sorry to hear of the death of Buchanan's father. It was too bad he fell out of the guard tower at Buchenwald.

here's a good article discussing this.

In many ways, Putin really looks a lot like a U.S.-style conservative. On the social side, he supports organized religion (in particular the Orthodox Church) and doesn't support Russia's LGBT community, while fiscally he seeks a balanced budget and low taxes. He is hard on terrorism but also steadfast in his opposition to military intervention in Syria, which places him far more in the Republican camp than the Democratic camp.

"I am sure I could put together a long list of quotes that would make Putin seem like a card-carrying member of the Tea Party," economist Clifford Gaddy, co-author of "Mr Putin: Operative in the Kremlin," told Business Insider earlier this year.

I heard Buchanan tell one of his, male, viewers once that it was ok for him (the viewer) to divorce his elderly wife because she was suffering from Alzheimers disease and could no longer act as a wife.  Want to bet if it had been a woman asking the question Buchanans answer would have been hell no?

Batshit crazy indeed.

Obama hate and gay repulsion may have a lot to do with it. Buchanan drives a foreign car and yet wants to set up his own "America first" agenda.

On the other hand Putin is the most powerful man in the world today. At least, he is the most powerful of the visible political players.

Putin is less the most powerful man in the world than he is the man who is most willing to throw his power around, mostly because he wants / likes to and he is not subject to any real form of restraint.  The "democracy" which he exists in borders on being a joke, with Putin playing the Russian system for his own purposes.  There are apparently no checks and balances to temper his behavior, and the Duma effectively rubber-stamps his proposals; thus, he pretty much does as he pleases.

If there were any real, viable opposition to Putin in the Sov... I mean in Russia, it would be a different matter.  As things are, you got what you got.

I wonder if the world wasn't better off when Russia was ruled by Bolsheviks rather than Republicans, Putin and his crowd being a textbook example of the latter. 

then.. well..
that fudee duddee fundy liar ass bitch 
(had to name call because that's all he's worth in reality)

the enemy. domestically 

f minus. seems to be the way for his type nowadays...




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