HO-CHEE-MAMA!!  If I were the Pope I'd be I'd have the Holy Physician prescribe some "ass pain" pills after this episode!!




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Yeah this one is epic!!!
Condell Rules. I just wish PBS or the BBC or someone here in America could get them run on the Discovery channel or the History chanel, Myth Busters . . . anything !
The video that follows about the masque to be built near ground zero in New York is also very good. Paticularly the planned opening date of 9/11/11.
Yeah, they're rubbing it in our faces and the political leadership of this country (i.e., that bunch in the White House) is primarily a bunch of limp dicks who specialize in whining and complaining about the previous administration.
That one cuts to the chase very nicely.
I generally like Pat Condell, in this video he's great, but when he's talking about muslims, he seems to be quite xenophobic.
I have to agree with you. He makes out like all Muslims are terrorists. I can't watch him anymore..
Try to remember, those "moderate" muslims were dancing in the street after 9/11.
And isn't it at all acceptable to be xenophobic towards an idea - we engage in it all the time with religion and politics - as opposed to the people themselves ?

I know it can be a bit like trying to pick the fly shit out of the pepper. But then again, muslim is not a race - it's an ideology. They only become conflated, when considering how to separate the two.
Then the ones who were doing the dancing weren't the moderates.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
OK - You nicked me in the butt too, with that one. :)
No worries. I lift my bourbon to you, sir. Cheers.




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