Pat Robber's Son Tells Man to Move to Saudi Arabia So He Can Beat His Wife

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Pat Robertson and his family are just sick people.

and his followers too

Someone didn't put the choke collar on tight enough...

Hahaha Melinda, but only bad dags wear choke collars!

No doubt. LOL

Believe it or not, my problem is not so much Pat "Bat Shit Psycho" Robertson. I mean, really. You expect that type of evil drooling spittle to drip from his pie hole every time he opens his mouth.

My problem is with the guy that actually asked for his advice. What kind of brain dead idiot looks to Pat Robertson for advice? Oh, wait. Brain dead evangelical idiots, I guess. If I was his wife, and knew he asked Robertson for marriage advice, the divorce papers couldn't be filed fast enough.

I saw that a few days ago, and the funniest part is, I think he's jealous of the extremist Muslims. 

Well, you can't get a divorce... And you can't beat your wife, either...  Dangit!  How come the Muslims get to beat their wives?  Goddamn Muslims and their Sharia law...  How come Christian fundamentalists don't get to have their way with the government whenever they want?  *pouts*

Why go to Saudi Arabia? If the guy who wrote in  was having problems with his wife, Crazy Old Pat could have saved him the trouble, and told him to move to Arkansas, a state right here in the Good 'Ol U S of A, (And part of the Buybull Belt, no doubt), where it is PERFECTLY LEGAL for a man to beat wife, albiet once a month.


And this is just another reason why Pat Robertson frightens me.


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