Maybe we need a special section just for PR stuff.

Anyhow the recent hubbub he's offended Christians, feminists, and probably others (all except evolutionary biologists). Apparently a caller told him she was having difficulty forgiving her husband's adultery. His response: the “secret” was to “stop talking about the cheating. He cheated on you. Well, he’s a man. OK.” The story hit the news with headlines like "Is cheating in a man's DNA?"

Obviously, cheating is a sensitive issue in humans (most other animals probably don't care), but his observation goes directly to support evolution and not 'special creation'. Genetically, promiscuity has a large payoff for males (almost linear with the number of partners) but a much smaller payoff for females. So one would expect that reproductive strategies of the sexes would reflect this, and they do throughout the animal kingdom.

If we were created by God for marriage, one would not expect that old (and in humans, more or less obsolete) instincts would be there.

[Not to make light of adultery, and recognizing that humans have evolved a more complex reproductive strategy because of the special issues of our reproduction. But we can see the struggle between the new and the older programming.

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*Clarifying one of my comments above 'other animals don't care'. There is male jealousy in the animal world which makes perfect sense, if another male mates with the female in question, he is denied this genetic success. On the other direction, however, there is virtually zero cost to a female if the male she is associated with also mates with another.

Humans are subject to a whole other set of reproductive constraints in which female jealousy does have a genetic payoff.


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