Pat Robertson angered by SNL Tebow skit

Why does this guy make headlines?

UPDATE: Sarah Palin has jumped on Pat Robertson's Tebow bandwagon.  That's right, the woman who raised an unwed teen mom who only had sex because she got drunk says that the Tebow skit is morally wrong.

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I wonder that myself! He's a real psycho!

Because he's trying to cause stir, and media loves that. It's funny because I've seen plenty of Christians on message boards/forums saying how funny they thought the skit was (which it was).

It never occurs to any of these shitheads that it's mostly Christians who are doing these things?

Tebow fever is here in Houston. I'm so sick and tired of people and the media praising the new g'd Tebow. I am also sick and tired of my neighbors knocking on my door asking if I saw Tebow on the news.

He is one dangerous S.O.B.

The man is a sports celebrity who makes a public spectacle of his religion.  Nobody has any basis to complain when somebody decides to riff on it. 

As for Robertson, he makes headlines because his job is saying outrageous stuff that makes headlines.  

I've never heard anything but garbage come out of his mouth. He is an utter disingenuous and a fraud in my opinion. I watched a clip of him describing his recent conversation with God where God told him that there will be Great tribulations in America if Obama remains in office, but was fuzzy on the details. Pat then proceeded to play twenty questions with God but didn't get the goods.

Anyway, here's a list of some other stupid crap Pat says:

Everybody, watch that Pat Robertson clip, and the SNL clip, and tell me: Which one is funnier?

Awwww, poor Pat Robertson!  He doesn't LIKE it when SNL lampoons his widdle pwecious Timmy Tebow!  Every one say, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Pat, it's a free country with free speech. If you can't stand the heat, the door to the kitchen is THAT way. =====>

Don't let it hit you on the way out.

Pat robertson is a idiot.anyone who listens to him is a idiot as well.

True, but the real idiots are the ones that send him money.

In one conversation we get two wonderful ideas. First, he establishes that Islam would have been bombing people because of it and then he says we need more religion here. In effect, he just called for a Christian bombing against SNL.

Doesn't surprise me.  He once suggested bombing the US State Department.  That suggestion alone should've earned him an all-expenses paid trip to Gitmo.




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