Pat Robertson angered by SNL Tebow skit

Why does this guy make headlines?

UPDATE: Sarah Palin has jumped on Pat Robertson's Tebow bandwagon.  That's right, the woman who raised an unwed teen mom who only had sex because she got drunk says that the Tebow skit is morally wrong.

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I saw that skit and I thought it was one of the best that SNL has ever done.  Obviously, it hit a nerve...good.

Well put..I've always disliked PR and keep hoping he will get hit by a bus or something.

I think that it is hilarious that Tebow's supposed god deserted him in his time of need. No doubt he works in mysterious ways or was too busy etc. When anything good happens, god did it but when bad things happen god is never mentioned. Like when an aircraft crashes and one person survives, you can guarantee that he will claim that he prayed and his god saved him. Nobody ever mentions the hundred others who perished. The troubling part is that about 90% of Americans believe this rubbish.

he is really a psycho




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