Pat Robertson misses the good old days of anti-sodomy laws


Ever mourn the passing of the good ol' days? 81-year-old Pat Robertson does. He misses the days when boys were boys, girls were girls, and gays knew their place... hiding under a rock.

From the Feb. 2 broadcast of the 700 Club:

"There was a time in America where sodomy was a crime; where people were condemned if they were sodomites. Now the battle is to not only legitimize it, but to afford marriage rights to those who are practicing sodomy. It's amazing."

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Is this only with male to male?  Does it count as sodomy if you do it with a girl?  What if you are a heterosexual couple who are already married and you practice sodomy?  A quick google search revealed that oral sex is considered sodomy as well.  I'm going to hell, that's for damn sure lol.  At least I'll get to meet some cool people while I'm there.
According the xtains,virtually everyone is going to hell.

Honestly, I suspect that Pat Robertson would prefer to see the world regress fully 2,000 years to when his hero supposedly walked the earth ... but then, he wouldn't have his 21st century conveniences and no one would know him from Adam, as one of those conveniences would be the television network he has so exploited over the years ... Oh, and there's also the matter of modern-day medicine, too.


Y'all suppose we could be lucky enough that he'd catch typhus ... or maybe leprosy?

Isnt it about time for this asshole to drop dead!?
Maybe he got one from that half-million dollar race horse he bought in 2000. It never won a race so at the very least Pat got f**ked.
Yeah, I dont suppose he has ever experienced the joys of anal sex either ;)

Good one.

I remember the good ol' days before the old fart rose to prominance.


He makes me want to puke to even look at him. He is nuts. He is so repulsive that I would prefer even Jerry Falwell over him any day. Pat is just an insipid good old boy. Nothing to show but bitterness, racism, and stupidity. Falwell was bad enough but Pat? EECK.
I'm looking forward to a time when nonsense thinking like this disappears. Sadly, I think it never will.




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