Pat Robertson predicts 2011 will be a bad year for the world

He's at it again. Somebody take that crystal ball away from Pat before he hurts himself with it!


God has been talking to America's best-known televangelist again and telling him what's in store for the world in the near future. And the other night, Pat Robertson was kind enough to share these predictions with his 700 Club audience.
2011 is going to be a very difficult year for the world, according to Robertson: "It will not be a time of happiness; bitter recriminations, revolutions, increasing turmoil." For the US, bankruptcy looms. "Your country is in grave peril... In two years will come a time of reckoning... Your creditors will demand payment and they will not be enough to satisfy their claims. Your currency will shrink in value. Your bonds will lose value. People on fixed incomes will suffer. Unemployment will escalate and there will be turmoil."


More, including a video, here.



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I heard that the Rapture will take place in June, so, you know...there's that to look forward to.
I thought it was set for May 21. *LOL* It'll be like some Monty Python sketch all over again...when all of a sudden - *cue dramatic music* - NOTHING HAPPENED!!! *Over-the-top dramatic music*

...not when Phoenix Jones is on the case; google em'!

well if he's wrong it's swept under the wrong. But if he's right... "omg god talks to him" Given enough plausible predictions and your bound to get right.
say something vague and get called a prophet for it. if we don't raise the debt ceiling and look into raising taxes and cutting our bloated defense then we could be in danger. if any one of these come true then a whole bunch of idiots will be shouting in glee from their churches. of course who smelt it dealt it is all the evidence needed for them.
Of course it will be a bad year for the world. Because he's around to annoy us all!
I agree. I keep hoping he will drop dead,but nope.
Does anyone get upset when flipping through the tv guide and you see that 700 Club is on?  It is upsetting that people actually take this nut seriously.
Lol, isn't he a little late in his predictions?

Is he talking to God or to economists?


Here's his 2007 predictions:


And 2008:


And 2009:


I knew a guy on a stock forum that predicted in 2006 that the stock market would drop by 50% within 2-3 years.  Was he a prophet?  No, he was going by what some financial experts were saying.

I've got to remember these!




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