Has anyone heard from Pat Robertson as to what America has done to deserve over 100 tornadoes from god?

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Not yet.  Of course they hit RW states so he's likely to remain silent about them.  Apparently the only time natural disasters are a result of god's temper tantrums are when they hit liberal states.

He is thinking something up right now. Just you wait. : )

As you predicted, Mr. Dementia has spoken...

Pat Robertson: Tornadoes Could Have Been Stopped If People Had Prayed 


Rev. Sparky McBatShit also also asked... 

Okay, I've been checking out various and sundry Pat Robertson WTF? moments, this one takes the cake… or cheese, or …WTF?

"What is this mac and cheese?" Robertson asked Watts. "Is that a black thing?"

~ Rev. Sparky McBatShit

Obviously, these tornado-wracked regions must have been softening up on their anti-abortion stance.  Or letting gays walk the streets unmolested. Or allowing witches to live.  Something.  Things never "just happen" in the fundy universe; randomness is beyond their comprehension.  As soon as he finishes prayin' about it and scheduling his TV appearances, he'll let us know why god has chosen to smite them folks.




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