interesting discussion surrounding the possibility that the NFL may consider Tillman for the Hall of Fame.  personally, i think the fact that his jersey and story are already enshrined in Canton that he doesn't need to go in as a player.  

but what i naturally, found interesting was the lack of any mention of his lack of faith.  i read a few articles on this today, and not one of them mentioned his atheism.  somehow, i'm guessing that if he was a devout believer his godliness would have appeared in a few of stories about the 10 year anniversary of his death.  he was very likely a strong non-believer, as it was an important enough part of him for his brother to openly scoff at the politicians who had spoken during the funeral who insisted that "Pat is in a better place" and all that bullshit.  

oh well, if the press isn't going to bring it up i will.  Pat's example is proof that it doesn't take belief in supernatural things to be an amazing person.  it's the kind of example that SHOULD be mentioned more in a country that equates godliness to patriotism.  it's a story that would change minds about us, if it were presented to the public accurately and with more frequent reminders of what he didn't believe.  

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