Paul Ryan is a Little Bit Mixed Up, Perhaps Even Psycho

Think of it, Ryan has said that the most influential person in his life was Ayn Rand. Not Jesus, not Goldwater or Buckley, but Ayn Rand.  This makes absolutely no sense and stamps him as loony tunes.  Ayn Rand was a self-described "objectivist" who not only espoused atheism but claimed to have emancipated herself from metaphysical notions and especially superstitions of all sorts. (I have no way of knowing how apocryphal may be the story that she once attended a cocktail party and, making a broad gesture with her arm, tipped over a salt shaker, thereafter prompty taking a pinch of the stuff and tossing it over her shoulder.  The origin of this silly myth is presumably the fact that Judas of Kerioth apparently tripped a bowl of salt at the "Last Supper," though I cannot recall at the moment whether Leonardo actually incorporated the image into his famous painting.)  How on earth can an ardent fan of Ayn Rand be a faithful Catholic?  That is what is genuinely troubling.

The only apsect of Rand's philosophy that Ryan really likes is the common definition of "objectivism": "enlightened selfishness."  I met a Rand fan once, spent a couple of days around him.  He convinced me that there was nothing enlightened about an objectivist, thought they certainly are selfish.  Like the man I met, Ryan is anything but enlightened if by "enlightened" we mean humanist, or at least compassionate.  Ryan's selfishness is palpable, since he espouses supply side economics, privatization of almost everything the government does for the people, and all the other characteristics of laissez-faire capitalism.  He is stooge for the 1% -- the Koch types, for whom he not only wants to enjoy the Bush era tax cuts but even greater relief from revenue-collecting.

But Ayn Rand would never have approved of Ryan's positions on contraceptives and abortion.  She would immediately recognize his ideas as dogma based on his Catholicism.  Even some "pro-choice" advocates make exceptions in the case of rape and threats to the life of the mother. Not Ryan. He takes the official Vatican posture on such things. And that suggests he is dangerous schizoid.

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Paul Ryan to me is just one more republican ideologue from a series of republican ideologues.  The vector he represents is a bit different in places, but he and his positions amount to the same thing.  He probably likes Ayn Rand the same way he likes the bible - cherry-picked, which makes him just as disingenuous as most of the rest of his GOP colleagues.

Ryan is a typical carney.

 Sadly, that defines too many politicians of both parties these days, Tammy.

Absolutely, you'll get no argument from me there. This is one of the many reasons I registered Unaffilliated.

there are so few differences between GOP politicians these days.  it's like they share one mind. 

i'm trying to figure out why people like this party. common themes include:

1.  masoginy

2.  bigotry

3.  anti-science

4.  representing interests of the uber-wealthy

5.  turning religious dogma into legislation

find me one Democrat, anywhere, that shares any of these views, either directly or thinly veiled, and you win a prize.  not all Republicans are nuts, but all the nuts are Republicans. 

I can count 5 in my state alone that voted with the Republicans to force women into a 24 hour counseling and waiting period.

Let me guess - all male, right?

Yep  but get this... the vote on the Amendment 1  to make gay marriage constitutionally illegal and disolve domestic partnerships in NC was 'accidentally' voted in by a FEMALE Democrat who SWEARS she hit the wrong button... the deciding vote!!! Then due to their 'rules' a vote is a vote even if the one casting the vote disputes it. I am told there were other Democrats who voted FOR Amendment 1 as well , I need to go look into that and make sure that word gets out pre November... truly disgusting state of affairs here... let lawsuits bleed the state dry just so long as Jebus gets his say so in our legislature....


Democrats here are freakin fundie monsters too... Jesse Helms comes to mind, Strom Thurmond south of us... both of them were Democrats too as I recall, now I realize those are old south Democrats and the parties literally flipped back in the 80's but still, there are those down here who still equate the Democratic party with the 'good ol' Jim Crow south' days.


I'd posit that the 'flip' took place with the Republican party's 'Southern Strategy' following LBJ's 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Chief among the architects of Nixon's election were Kevin Phillips (a brilliant thinker, if a bigot) and Pat Buchannan.  They played very effectively on white male fear of black enfranchisement.  Helms & Thurmond both switched parties once it became apparent that the Republicans represented the old Dixiecrat racism that had built their power.  Sadly, it still works here in the Carolinas.  I've listened to several local Republicans refer to President Obama as 'Kenyan', which of course is code for 'nigger'.  I've spent half of my life so far here in the South -- had a cross burned on my lawn in the early '70s (Dad gave business credit to our black neighbors and refused to join the church), and have seen full-page newspaper ads for KKK rallies this year.  I keep hoping that the South will eventually be reconstructed, and there are some positive signs.  But at present, racism still works and the Republicn party makes full use of it.



Fear and division are seeds they seem to sew quite effectively down here you'd think people would eventually catch on... I also find myself wondering if the south will ever come into the 21st century willingly, or if they're going to have to cut the apron strings up there in Washington in order to get it done, after all what we have down here is , state sponsored racism and hate.


As for the KKK, you still hear their idiotic rantings around here from time to time though they're not as in your face as they used to be in these parts. In other words, they don't throw Klan barbecue weekends and host Klan turkey shoots around here anymore...! It's more the weird, bible thumper, you're a wearin' clothes pertainin' to a man' types that we have to deal with now and I'm hard freaking pressed to tell you which I abhor more! Proabably the later, as they tend to come in all colors, I think I was in total shock to see how many black people flooded the polls to vote 'for' Amendment 1 this year... voting against civil rights because the buybull tells them so... Like you I hope at some point we will rise to level of adults down here, but I'm not holding my breath that I'll live to see it!


LBJ was a tad before my time but I remember although I was just an itty bitty during his presidency, Nixon..... and Buchannan, Buchannan... well unfortunately he's still around poisoning wells...



See Ryan get exposed as a hypocrite and lier.

I think they are all liars.


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