When we pay attention to 45’s hair, his lies, yellow face, his Tweets, his weekly vacations, what are we missing? 

Watch for: (not in this order)

1. Deregulations: 

investment & securities?  

consumer protection?

food, health, & safety? 

2. Tax cuts for the wealthy & corporations? 

3. Military expenditures increases?

4. Social Security cuts? 

5. Health care and drugs costs to families? 

6. Money to fund his health care plan? 

7. Food stamps & subsidized housing cuts?

8. His choices for cabinet and advisers?

9 Environmental protection?

10. Labor force and low wages?

11. Trump’s ties to Russian influence?

12. Special procecutor & independent counsel to look at Russian influence on U.S. election? 

13. Climate Change

I should put Climate Change at the very top. If we neglect this situation, we all will pay a price.Robert Reich : The Resistance Report March 10, 2017 Dept. of Labor ...

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Ok, Joan, you win. I'm feeling scolded for ignoring the important stuff:(

That's a spoof. Why is taxing corporations on your list? There are alternatives.




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