I've always found the evolution of children toys as reflections of the adult culture fascinating. In my childhood , a few years after the Great Depression, (I still don't see why it was so “great”) the number one toy for a boy was a cap gun – or even better a BB gun. For girls it was dolls or some miniaturized domestic appliance. Reflecting the time when boys were suppose to be dominate and aggressive and girls passive housewives.
Over the years toys have become more complex with different purposes in child development. Some are directed toward the education or socialization of children, some develop specific skills, many are gender specific, some are just fun and a few are just plain stupid and a bit disturbing. An example of the latter is..

Maybe Pee & Poo are meant to be toilet training devices but it seems to me that a toy that personalizes bodily wastes could be traumatizing to the child when the real thing gets flushed into the abyss (my bet would be that both Pee and Poo will make it down the drain within days).
Having said that, I really, really want a Pee & Poo for my grandsons 17th birthday (he's already toilet trained....mostly)

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ROFL Couldn't you get on the sex offender list for giving these things to your neighbor's kids?


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