The Pence Presidency seems inevitable.


The Christo-Fascist looks like a shoo-in.

His poll numbers were low when Donald Trump picked him for vice president. Many doubted Pence would have been able to win a second term as governor.

An investigation into the Flynn matter will develop, with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promoting it. Additionally, Senators John Cornyn of Texas, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and John McCain of Arizona all are pushing for hearings.

As the FBI investigates this situation further, which would be expected to occur as a normal procedure after such a high level and immediate scandal, the earliest ever in any Presidential term (25 days), there will be calls for Trump to resign or be impeached.

,...  Pence could, even if Trump vehemently opposed it, invoke the 25th Amendment, Section 4 with the approval of a majority of the cabinet, which would make Pence “Acting President.” Some might call it a “palace coup” but Pence could make a convincing case that it is too risky to leave Trump in power.

One would imagine that if such a scenario occurred, that Donald Trump would resign, as Richard Nixon did in 1974 after the House Judiciary Committee approved his impeachment. But with an unhinged person such as Trump, who can say what would happen in such a circumstance?

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Much as Pence might like to take the chief executive's position and use it to put a Dominionist spin on our democracy, he would immediately suffer from the attention garnered by his immediate predecessor.  Drumpf has brought a level of scrutiny to the presidency unmatched perhaps even since the days of Watergate, which would not necessarily dissipate upon his departure.  Any attempt Pence might make to Christianize our government would be met swiftly by counters from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the ACLU and Americans United, at the very least, never mind ordinary citizens who have been galvanized by the behaviors of both Pence and the orange nightmare.

Maybe I'm being overly optimistic here, but it may be that America has learned a lesson: that our government can go wrong, badly and potentially disastrously wrong, and that it takes our attention and positive action on it to maintain the rights and freedoms we too often take for granted.  Or, put more succinctly:

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.
-- Thomas Jefferson

That was my thought too, Loren. Since there are ample public records of the Christo-Fascist agenda to create theocracy. My hope is that we can get , the “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017” passed before Pence ascends.

Loren, the protest at the town hall meetings gives me hope for change.

My biggest concern is the creation of a christian theocracy.

In any organization, the presence of problem people positions of power results in conversations between people who otherwise would not communicate.

We can whisper, no louder than exhaling, "Thank you." to Trump and company.

Hi Ruth,

What I am going to say has no backing, no evidences for, and probably too far fetched.

My thinking is that Donald Trump ( and a probably a few others)  had this in mind all along was to get Mike Pence into the Oval Office. Trump knows he is not presidential material. The powers associated with the Oval Office does not interest him because it does have limitations. Donald Trump does not recognized boundaries and dislikes limitations. To him, the Oval Office is a nursery room with powers for his personal benefits.

He had no qualms about bankrupting 4 times. If it comes to the point to resign from the Oval Office, it would be just another day in the business world as if he is going through his 5th bankruptcy.

Because of Mike Pences Christian ambitions for America, people who supported him knew he had no chance to be elected U.S. President to the Oval Office. So what are the other options?...... yea....through the Vice Presidential way... the back door is a shoo in.

I saw a video on Pence today. It was one of those C-SPAN things where they appear to be talking to Congress but there's nobody there, just empty seats around him. He made a big deal of evolution being a theory and that nobody has proven it yet. (It's very plain he hasn't got a clue about scientific theory)  He works this around to where the bible is right and that's how we got here. He says "Mr. Speaker" a lot. Politicians do this sort of thing to make it clear where they stand and make you think Congress gives a good damn about their religion. Pence even claimed that all of our signers of the Constitution were god fearing believers. You can watch this crap and get a heads up on what they might do if they once get the power to do anything.

In another video Pence made it plain that he doesn't think smoking has anything to do with cancer. Maybe he's a "Christian smoker."

Then I saw a Betsy DeVos interview where she said it's high time we got the bible back into our classrooms where it belongs and taught our children right. She plans to make this move a high priority.

Folks, we are gonna have our hands full.

If you need some relief from the stupidity which is Pence, I give you this evening's feature attraction: Aron Ra in "Pwning Pence."


Thanx, Loren, the clip's first minute takes Pence out of his competence zone.

I like Ra's line that faith is a good way to remain wrong.

I've read and have a copy of Judge Jones' ruling in the Dover Schools case. The Intelligent Design folk tried to keep the defendant school board from mentioning ID. They failed and Judge Jones said it was religion in disguise.

Will research find, or has it already found, that faith contributes to late-in-life brain failure?

There's an unhappy accident of timing. Aron Ra made this clip before the people who twice claimed they had found gravitational waves acknowledged their errors.

This is the same video I watched of Pence before only this time it has an added take down by Aron Ra. A very good one if I might say so.

I just saw both the Aron Ra and the C-SPAN Pence on evolution. The way I see it, Pence is confused and Aron Ra had to step in to make these corrections. Seems to me Pence has trouble sticking with the subject of evolution (as if he suffers from attention deficit disorder and should seek medical help from a licensed doctor). Pence stated "I have always been interested in the origins of man"  Well we all know his version of the Bible only has a few sentences on the origins of what else is there? Not much to teach about there. However, science has shown there is more and yet Pence pitch says that evolution is conflicting and confusing.

Didn't he say he is interested in the origins of man? Now I'm confused.

Is Pence talking or preaching?

If he was preaching then it would make sense. Preaching is the deliberate attempt to misuse and confuse facts.

Pence is a member of (or closely associated with) the New Apostolic Reformation with is formed out of the G12. Google to see this and read. It's Pentecostal prophets and Christian fascists wanting to change everything. We had better watch out and resist.

Bannon said today that the media is Trump's "opposition party" and that "if you think they are going to get your country back without a fight, you are wrong." He went on to say that Trump is fighting hard to do everything he said he would.

Looks to me like the powers that be want to dazzle us with "alternative facts" and "fake news" while they steal us all blind and we won't even know what is really going on. Trump is not popular. Currently 25% of his supporters still believe the media. You know something is greatly wrong when the media is the "enemy."




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