Well, I think this video proves it.  You have to be mentally ill to be religious.


Penises at the Denver International Airport

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The man is a complete nutter.

I couldnt even watch the whole thing!! i just started laughing so hard.

as I stated elsewhere ....

any argument that starts from a premiss that meta physics is somehow real and the aberrations are to be listened to is flawed from the start and can do nothing but get more insanely incoherent as it goes along.

this guy is suffering from an extreem case of paradolia. go look it up.

its like listening for "back masking" on old recordings.

what a deluded ass.

most people just dont want to think.

He needs a lot of help.  Getting a hobby would be a good start for him.
Even the term "baggage handling area" is a little bit suggestive....
Ahhhhh, the sexually repressed religious. There's no hatred like self hatred. $5 will get you $10 this guy's cut from the same cloth as the rev Ted " I like to snort meth with male hookers" Haggart and the rev George "Hey rent boy, handle my baggage" Rekers.

Religion - the haunting fear that somewhere, someone may be happy.
Very very funny.
You need to be a special kind of pervert to look for genitals in every picture hanging on the wall.  Good grief!
He makes a great case for Atheism.




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