“In the beginning, nearly 14 billion years ago, all the space and all the matter and all the energy of the known universe was contained in a volume less than one trillionth the size of the period that ends this sentence.”

— Neil deGrasse Tyson in Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, opening p‘graph

Unsure? Test Tyson’s tale.

Try crushing a rock in one hand until it’s smaller than it is.

It should be easy; 99.99% of the rock is empty of matter.

Why doesn’t it crush?

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Now Tyson is fun to view and hear. And he holds a prestigious position. He wouldn’t lie, would he?

I doubt he would lie; he could be wrong. I think he is wrong about GMO products being harmless. It's pollen escapes, fertilizes heirloom plants and endangers the existence of the old varieties. If I want a plant with mixed ancestry, I will buy it, or buy organic seeds, or cross-pollinate it myself. I don't want GMO annual or perennial vegetables or fruits growing near my patch. 

Tom, at least you are consistent about the Big Bang Theory. I continue to be a Big Banger. 

..., with no more evidence than religions have.

I know! I won't be surprised if we all reject the Big Bang hypothesis in favor of electricity. I would like to see a site with your hypothesis and have it open for debate without the name calling and animosity that rises when we talk about it here. If you open a Discussion, I will join in giving my rationale about why I believe the Big Bang. Maybe some who share your opinion will join in and we can have a real discussion. Tell you what, if you don't open such a Discussion, I will. 

  Joan, electricity is not my hypothesis.

A man here studied more physics than I did and I asked him what occupies the emptiness inside atoms.

His two-word answer was “Electric fields”.

I had studied electrical engineering and understood.

Whose hypothesis was it?

The ancients saw lightning.

Some of those ancients drew pictures of lightning on rocks. Centuries passed and Ben Franklin almost electrocuted himself. He showed his contemporaries that lightning is electricity.

Others of those ancients built religions around the lightning. Centuruies passed and the religions evolved. In the early 1900s America’s fundamentalists needed a story to refute Darwin and natural selection.

It may have been the astronomer Edwin Hubble who here conflated sound waves with electrical waves and hypothesized that electric waves have a Doppler shift.

Before Hubble saw the distinction between sound and electric waves, a Catholic priest who taught math gave the fundamentalists a story that echoed Genesis. They and other Xians loved it.

Many astronomers disagreed but they wanted to do astronomy; they did not want to fight a political/religious war. After WW2; an astronomer intending ridicule gave it the name Big Bang.

There’s more, but this is enough for now. I have started several discussions and you saw some of the vitriol that followed.

Thank you for your clarity, Tom. I can follow you so far. Perhaps, with more understanding, I will be able to follow you further. I am willing and able to try; I can't guarantee I will understand. Perhaps the Big Bang is a joke, I simply don't know. 

The BB isn’t a joke, Joan; it’s people protecting their taxpayer-provided paychecks.

NASA is the BB’s Vatican City. Each is protecting its respective minions for the dissimilar harms they are doing.

In the universities, graduate students in physics departments who don’t agree with the BB are denied funding. They change their majors or may study outside the USA.

Outside the universities, researchers who don’t agree are denied time on observatory telescopes. At least one went overseas to do his work.

I have heard that NASA has closed its databases to researchers who don’t agree. Since taxpayers support NASA, this may be illegal.

Marija Gimbutas was laughed at, ridiculed, hounded as she spoke about her theories of the goddess beliefs, not that she believed in goddesses, she knew that female goddess figures outnumbered male god figures in the Neolithic. She could not get jobs in universities even as her credentials stood up to any persons' training who followed the god line and male domination line. She claimed women of the Neolithic had power, not over, but with men, that there were both male and female gods that underlay the mythology. She understood women had special powers because they bled every month and did not die, gave birth to babies, and was able to suckle them. Men tried to emulate the bleeding and not die by instituting circumcision. Can you think of a better reason for the ancient Jews who cut off the end of male babies' genitals?  

Near the end of her life, other archaeologist and anthropologist began to pay attention to her work and some even embraced it.

As goes Gimbutas and her theory so may go electrical fields to explain the beginning of the universe. 

Gimbutas perhaps saw Frederick Douglass’ words, “Power concedes nothing without a struggle” and understood.

I doubt her explanation for circumcision. The obstetrician my mom was seeing sent her to Cincinnati’s Jewish Hospital and I was circumcised.

When I was about twenty she told me that when she brought me home I didn’t trust anyone. I asked “Were you surprised?”

I concluded that circumcision’s purpose it to teach infant boys to distrust everyone, especially their caregivers.

@Joan: As goes Gimbuts ... so may go electrical fields to explain the begin... WHAT?

Who says the universe had a beginning?

Das ist sehr gut, Bert.

Crushing the stone didn’t tire your hand and you wiped up the mess on the floor, din’t cha?

Bertold, did you read my Discusion, "Dementia?" My brain seems to be my problem. 




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