“In the beginning, nearly 14 billion years ago, all the space and all the matter and all the energy of the known universe was contained in a volume less than one trillionth the size of the period that ends this sentence.”

— Neil deGrasse Tyson in Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, opening p‘graph

Unsure? Test Tyson’s tale.

Try crushing a rock in one hand until it’s smaller than it is.

It should be easy; 99.99% of the rock is empty of matter.

Why doesn’t it crush?

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Outstanding lyrics, Tom. 

I need a little translation, are you willing and able to help me out? What does the line,

"An' yer ol' lady has just gone down. .. "?

The “An yer ol’ lady....” line is Zappa’s, Joan.

He may see meaning in it.

OK! I thought it might be a jargon word that had a meaning you gentlemen would know. I shall ask Zappa what it means. Thanks. Laura loves your response; I guess I will too if the fine gentleman answers my question. 

I have a letter my great-grandfather wrote to his son and he wrote, "The old lady died last week" meaning my great-grandmother. 

OH! You guys are special, thanks for letting me in on your high jinks! You made my new years evening fun. 

Another quip for Joan but is is a mistake I've observed in others...reminds me of Loren's mistake...if there were a god...fill in the thought...that is an unfounded conceit...an anthropomorphism no different really than that of theists and authors of the superstition believed by theists.

We have no way to know how god(s) think.

If religious people can make up stories and get away with it without being charged with the crime of lying, I can make up stories too and not be charged, tried, and convicted. 

Joan, is lying a crime?

The Constitution’s First Amendment says nothing about lying. Other laws appear to say:

1) when we lie to the government we commit a crime, and

2) when the government lie to the people they don’t commit a crime.

For instances, in the 1960s a Dem administration lied us into a war in Viet Nam and in 2003 a Repub administration lied us into a war in Iraq.

The government has stopped lying us into wars by not telling us when or where they are starting wars.

Have you heard recent comments by tRump about Belarus,  Montenegro, etc. Very interesting! start at 18:10 of this video. 


I think Putin is telling Trump what to say.

Trump, whose investments in Russia depend on Putin’s good will, says it.

Here is another interesting clip. Let me know if it if you can open it.

Trump parrots Russian revisionism on Soviet Afghanistan invasion



Thanx, Joan. i record Rachel’s hour and rarely miss it. The clip opened and was so much fun that I watched it again. At least Pence didn’t freeze.




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