We are very empathic, only empathic culures have survivred...we have grown to understand eachother deeper and on surfaces and more...at some point this evolutionary ability starts to grow over the family the village the town the country the world and we all meet eachother tending this ablity so it differs, and we invent a god.
Later power enters and see its opportunity and hippocriticle truth appear and grows in to a big stink and confusion.
And-if lucky- perhaps a reformer or a process among the people enters and get generosity and kindness up and runing again.Doing so by demonstrate the truth that seemed lost but still lived inside everyone.
If this had not happend the people would seem gone from the surface of the world. But if lucky a process or a reformer would reminded everyone about the inbedded truth about compassion, inbedded in us all!
Sometime this reformator (or several reforming proceses) get to be deity and mothers and fathers instill it close to the childrens heart and the dance goes another direction but with same delusion.

And now when we need to tend to the really large task to survivre we could be served by a reformator but the powers is prohibited to attend this time because of their corrupt nature
and there is no room for more theft.

Im losing a battle, i know it. When you know your right you get tempted to fight but
against the 10 000 layers of backstabbing and calculated deceptions the religion of
'win and lose' are no option. And writing this is to go to battle.
This time we must solve the problem, not just win or lose.

Thank you!

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