post w/fanatical nihilist religion crap anyhew...)

Legalize common sense; man-made anything like synthetic pills or food can be bad for a fetus/mother etc.. Some smoke, vape, whatever months into; you know due to the onslaught of vomiting some women get in beginning and; I'm good w/o god thanks! peace!


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Seems too much like hedging your bets.  How can you say that a woman can kill the little bastard, but then turn around and say "oh, don't hurt the little creature growing inside of your body"?  Yeah, complete nonsense. I will probably troll this writer and bombard his email with pro-life and pro-choice crap.  It shall be done!

On social grounds. We've got to deal with the "little bastard" once he's born. If they are in poor health because mommy drank Bacardi 101 and smoked a pack a day during pregnancy but mommy doesn't have health insurance, it translates to lots of visits to the emergency room and health department. This means we end up paying for it through higher insurance premiums and taxes.

The problem is much worse when it comes to heavier stuff like Crack or heroine. If mommy wants to be an addict, whatever, but the baby doesn't get a choice in the matter. And then we get the consequences. 

indeed.. the erroneous beliefs and erroneous gap filler:




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