Religious nut Rick Perry said during a recent speech that if we elect him, "I will immediately issue an executive order to do away with as much of Obamacare as I can." Uh, that would be none, gov'nor.  Perry must have some really dumb followers.  It doesn't take a political wonk to see the stupidity in his claim.  A president cannot summarily do away with laws they do not like, or arbitrarily take parts out that they don't agree with.  If they did, they would be violating the separation of powers doctrine.  They would no longer be presidents but kings, and if this shit-kicking moron from Texas thinks we will stand for that, he is sadly mistaken.  Bush Jr. came close enough.  Fool me twice and all that.

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lets not call Perry a conservative. he is an out-and-out american fascist.
Worse than that.  He is a theocrat.  He wants to be emperor, because the Romans had a tendency to apotheosis, especially if the emperor said he was a god and put his image on Roman coins.  Hitler began as a Catholic, just as Perry is beginning as a Dominionist Christian evangelical.  The lesson of Hitler was that his cultus begat the religion of Nazism.  And then they got a Nietzsche trigger finger.  They shot all the Jews they could, then tried carbon monoxide, but that required gasoline, in short supply.  Zyklon B B did the trick.  You pumped it into shower stalls marked, "Cleanliness is Next to Godliness" and all bathers died. Nobody knows history like those who never learned it.
Hardly a nightmare for Obama if it were Perry-Bachmann.  Four more years.
Umm, how do you figure Perry and Bachman don't have a chance of getting the Republican nomination?  Last I heard, they were considered the frontrunners.
They haven't gone north.

Iowa is north.

I dunno, I listen to talk radio a lot.  All I've been hearing for the past month is Perry and Bachman.  There's a lot of noise about Herman Cain, who can't win; Newt's campaign having imploded upon itself; Romney, who can't get enough votes in the south to have a prayer ... who else is out there?

Do you really think Sarah Palin will run?  Do you think Ron Paul can do anything?  He has his supporters, but they're rabid to the point of preventing anyone else from joining their ranks.

Paul is as whack as his daddy, who's staunchly anti-choice.



Ron Paul is the one running for President.  He IS the daddy.



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