Comment on story at Crooks and Liars about Rick Perry's recent Harold-and-Kumar turn on TV: What can you expect of someone who's chummy with lunatics like televangelicals who think the world is only five or six thousand years old, that Adam and Eve walked among dinosaurs, and that Mary was really a virgin (at a time when an unwed woman with child was stoned to death)? Perry is loony tunes. Perry actually prays. He prays to the Jesus of the Prosperity Gospel, holding that Jesus wants us to become rich in emulation of the Koch Brothers, who are surely to enter the Kingdom when their camels pass through the eye of a needle. Perry prays to Gog and Magog, hoping to Rapture himself up to Heaven when most of the rest of us are surely going to Hell, there to talk to people like Voltaire while Perry gets stuck with folks like Tomas de Torquemada. A vote for Perry is a vote for Theocracy. Get out the stocks, cuz you will be locked into them if you fail to go to church, and if you blaspheme or express any godless thinking -- read: logic -- you will be stoned to death.

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I must say, I like Perry's chances of being elected.  He currently has no chance in hell, and I like that :P

Mmmm, I still think Mitt Romney will be the nominee.  While the bug nutter, bat shit insane set of the neo-fascist "suck Jesus dick" wing of the republican party talks big about Perry (not so much Bachmann these days), I'm in agreement with Chris.  Perry has a snowball's chance during the height of a heat wave in the Sahara of getting elected, or for that matter, nominated.  Problem is, the only marginally rational candidate on the right, John Huntsman, has less of a chance than a pimp daddy pizza monger.
Speaking of Cain, how have these allegations affected his approval rating?
The approval ratings have held their own until tonight, when that opportunistic pseudo-feminist Gloria Allred got her newest client, a Cain mashee, to go public, claiming the great Herman tried to force her to give him a b.j.  I speculated on the Tea Party's logic here.  See, Clinton got b.j.'s from the girl in the blue dress, and that semen-stained blue dress became the symbol of all that was wrong in D.C.: our tax dollars in search of an illicit b.j.  Each time there is a political scandal in D.C. causing a major embarrassment to a president, the other party makes a big whoop te do about it and extracts revenged.  Few recall that Newtie and that whore Lindsay Graham led the impeachment in the House and used family values type "logic" in their campaign to get the fundamentalists in arms (Boobles and firearms being exactly what Obama said they always reached for when upset).  Now that the sexism accusations has a face, at least we can watch the tantalizing three ring circus of Cain's auto da fe.
@Pat: I wonder you weren't separated at birth from your twin, Matt Taibi.
The main problem is that because of the Bush administration, the Republican party is dominated by Neoconservatives.  So almost any vote for a Republican, even at the city government level, is a vote for theocracy.  But if I had to vote Republican, I'd vote Huntsman, at least he recognizes the truth of evolution.
Having some trouble computing Bush Administration = evangelical fundamentalism.  Neoconservatism does not equate to theocracy, either.  Many neoconservatives are ex-liberals or ex-libertarains, and some are Catholic and some Jewish.  I doubt that many are into theocracy, since some are in religious minorities.  I think the main theocrats are the social conservatives, who tend to be Tea Party.  They are the ones pushing the no birth control bills and urging preachers to support candidates from the pulpit, daring the IRS to yank their tax-exempt status just like the militia movement once dared the ATF by not paying taxes, filing bogus real estate liens in county clerks' offices, and stockpiling heavy weaponry.  Don't forget, although George W. claimed he prayed to "God" before making any major decision, the liason with the evangelicals resigned almost immediately, saying he'd been ignored by the Administration.  Then Bush announced his stem cell decision.  It was as if saying, "Here's a carrot, guys. You want more, go through Karl, and remember, you pay to play."
Sorry, I thought neoconservativism was an especially devout branch of conservatism.  But still, because of the Bush administration, the Republican party is dominated by the evangelicals, leaving little or no room for more moderate Republicans like Huntsman and Scott Brown.
Huntsman and Brown are no angels.  The one thing I agreed with both Ron Paul and former lobbyist Jack Abrimoff is that the whole system in D.C. is corrupt, top to bottom, side to side; all are on the take in one way or another: it is a city of whores.  In the film, Caligula, they depict an historically accurrate (Gore Vidal wrote the script) incident in which the insane emperor forced all senators' wives to become prostitutes.  Nowadays we may not have an emperor, but the whoring is ever with us. Now, though, it's by the senators themselves.

Interesting quote, that isn't. Make believe is for everyone you know. Including atheists apparently.

The Tea Party is about fiscal conservatism and getting rid of the incompetent currently at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You know the one, the guy who can't say no to Islamic Brotherhood.

Now, who is saying things without factual basis?  Are ALL conservatives hypocrites, too?

Non seq and non-sense.




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