Comment on story at Crooks and Liars about Rick Perry's recent Harold-and-Kumar turn on TV: What can you expect of someone who's chummy with lunatics like televangelicals who think the world is only five or six thousand years old, that Adam and Eve walked among dinosaurs, and that Mary was really a virgin (at a time when an unwed woman with child was stoned to death)? Perry is loony tunes. Perry actually prays. He prays to the Jesus of the Prosperity Gospel, holding that Jesus wants us to become rich in emulation of the Koch Brothers, who are surely to enter the Kingdom when their camels pass through the eye of a needle. Perry prays to Gog and Magog, hoping to Rapture himself up to Heaven when most of the rest of us are surely going to Hell, there to talk to people like Voltaire while Perry gets stuck with folks like Tomas de Torquemada. A vote for Perry is a vote for Theocracy. Get out the stocks, cuz you will be locked into them if you fail to go to church, and if you blaspheme or express any godless thinking -- read: logic -- you will be stoned to death.

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And, ironically enough, Cain blamed Perry for all those sexual harassment accusations.  Cain said that Perry leaked the information.  Yeah, and I'm the Virgin Mary.
That's true Chris! I heard that too! I wonder if anyone even believes Cain now.
@Steph S re SNL: That wasn't a skit.  That was true.
Yeah - haha!
I found a good article that shows the skit and Perry in the debate.

Question:  Does he believe the nonsense or was this his agenda to court the extremely conservative.  Crazy to think someone would sell their own beliefs/principles for an appointment to a position of power but, really, it happens all the time.  He's a dim wit anyways.  His days are done.  On to Fox News with him.

James did you see Perry on Letterman? He's been a comedian's best friend! I'm sure Saturday Night Live will have a funny skit about his latest blunder on forgetting the last department he wanted to get rid of. ( the Department of Energy). The more he debates the more people have something to joke about! : )

No, I rarely watch Letterman (or any late night TV), but clips of it are turning up on the political talk shows, and he just compounds the mistake by going on those shows.  As a Texan, I am embarrassed by this jackass.  The last time he was reelected, the former mayor of Houston (our largest city) challenged him to debates, but Perry, as he has consistently done in former races, declined.  Now, we know why.  I think he would lose a debate with a ten-year-old who has half his brain tied behind his back.  Perry is a dunce. I doubt if he makes it to three digits in the I.Q. department.  He is an embarrassment, but the good thing about his primary run is that he might not get reelected next time.  Either that, or they may put term limits on the ballot.

He said he wanted to get rid of "education". First of all, I'm not sure if that's a department in Washington.  Second of all, If it is, I'm pretty sure he won't win over many voters by saying that.

I guess Arne Duncan is the head of a nonexistent department then.

Well, of course he wants to get rid of education.  Since he obviously has an I.Q. in the double digits, he wouldn't want to become disadvantaged; then, he would have to go on government assistance.  Seriously, totalitarian regimes the world over retain power by keeping their minions illiterate.  I am not surprised this asshole got a college degree: he was a cheerleader and went to a university that, at the time, emphasized its ROTC and animal husbandry programs as well as football above all else.

I agree James. As a Texan from Austin I'm embarrassed by him too. I was also embarrassed by both senior and junior Bush.

I'm so sorry you live in his state, Steph.



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